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Marina Morgan – Her Paralyzed Story And Song

Marina Morgan; Elvis Duran's Artist Of The Month - Lyme Disease / Paralyzed Story and Song 'Never Give Up' ... I was an energetic, healthy, full of life 23-year-old until the summer of 2015 when after almost a year of testing I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. This debilitating disease has affected me both mentally

Brandy – Backup To Broadway And Beyond

Spotlighting: Brandy The mere mention of this artist can take you back to a moment in time - when a background singer from McComb, Mississippi debuted a self-titled album, and captured the hearts of music lovers worldwide. Here's the scene: the year was 1994, music videos were in heavy rotation, and movie scores were riddled with the infectious

Exercise Demo: AB KickOuts On The Bench

Target all areas of the stomach (upper, middle, lower) with 'AB KickOuts On The bench'. Trainer Z Exercise Demo: AB KickOuts On The Bench Primary Muscles Worked: Abdominals Secondary Muscles Worked: Lower Back Muscle Mover: Abdominals Amount of Weight To Use: NA Number of Sets: 4 - 6 Number of Repetitions or Seconds for Muscle Development: 15 - 21 Reps

Celebrities On Twitter Who Follow Back

Here's a short list of Celebrities and Notable People on Twitter who generally will Follow Back. No Guarantees, but to help ensure a mutual follow; your account should be legit and your tweets/content should ideally be positive! Carol Alt (Model) @ModelCarolAlt Jessica Howell (Actress) @Howell_I_Roll Marsha Wright (Business Expert) @Marsha Wright Pam Grier @PamGrier Sheryl Underwood (TV