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Kelly Price – Before And After Weight Loss View

Kelly Price Gives The World A Before And After Weight Loss View. On the left was me a year and a half ago and on the right is me two days ago. I thank God for giving me the will to live life Happy, Healthy and Abundantly. It's been a lot of work and I

Kevin Hart – Laughter Makes The Hart Grow Fonder

Spotlighting: Kevin Hart Dressed in all black and armed with a golden microphone - comedian, actor, writer, producer 'Kevin Hart' – recently took to the stage at Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field, and made history in front of an at-capacity crowd of 50,000 fans (a stand-up 'tour de force' no other comedian can claim as their

Actor/Comedian Kevin Hart In Fitness Mode

Spotlighting: Kevin Hart For this month of December; the celebrity fitness spotlight is shining on actor/comedian Kevin Hart. Trainer Z Commentary: Combining intensity with consistency; it is clearly evident from his Instagram postings that Kevin Hart has transformed and transcended his physique to an impressive level of muscular development. When you factor in Kevin's hectic

Indie Face Radio Show 12

Check Out The Latest Podcast | Show 12 - Indie Face Radio provides a positive, engaging and entertaining platform for individuals and groups to freely talk, promote, and gain valuable knowledge about their independent projects.

Trainer Z Exercise Demo: Cable Machine Bicep Curls

In the gym performing, Cable Machine Bicep Curls also referred to as Bicep Pulley Curls Trainer Z Commentary: This cable machine arm exercise will give your Biceps a great muscle pump while also helping to improve their overall shape and formation. The biceps are often regarded as the show muscles. Ask a person to make