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Let’s Get MOTIVATED To Achieve Success

Most of us would agree, the year 2016 presented a host of sensational events that made headlines, as well as compelling incidents that shaped our individual perspectives. Whether we witnessed these memorable occurrences through the periscope of social media, or subjectively observed them among our families and communities, one fact remains constant; through our interconnection,

The Oya Show – Self Acceptance

Right On Time to jump start 2017! Positive and empowering are a few choice words to define the brand new show hosted by soulful singer, songwriter; Oya Thomas.

Fantasia Barrino In Fitness Mode

Spotlighting: Fantasia Barrino For this month of January; the celebrity fitness spotlight is shining on singer, songwriter, actress Fantasia Barrino. Trainer Z Commentary: Fantasia is showing us the intensified difference between exercising and working out. Make no mistake about it; she is not merely exercising; she is working and working it out as clearly evident

Exercise Demo: Bent Over Single Arm Pulley Rows

Here I am once again in one of the courtesy gyms available to me. I'm performing 'Bent Over Single Arm Pulley Rows' which is an exercise movement primarily for the upper back (Lats). Trainer Z Exercise Demo: Bent Over Single Arm Pulley Rows Primary Muscles Worked: Lats (Upper Back) Secondary Muscles Worked: Rear/Posterior Deltoid (Shoulders) Muscle

Indie Face Radio Show 13 With Call-In Guest Jon Jon

Check Out The Latest Podcast | Show 13 with call-in guest: Jon Jon (R&B Singer) - Indie Face Radio provides a positive, engaging and entertaining platform for individuals and groups to freely talk, promote, and gain valuable knowledge about their independent projects.

Press Release: New Single From Novachane ‘Realization’

New single from Novachane 'Realization' available now wherever downloads are available. Novachane is a rapper, record producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur originating from Terrell, Texas. Novachane has been creating music since the age of 8. His passion for music goes back as far as he can remember and without having a large mainstream audience, he has been