Gloria Goldwater (Wife of late Archie Comics creator John Goldwater, Former Head of the Woman’s Anti-Defamation League and Publisher of the First HIP-HOP Magazine in America called “Superfly”) and D.A. Ballinger (Author, Screenwriter, Media Consultant) Drop In. Special Call-In Guests: CEO’S from Thug Righteouz Entertainment (Dream, Sav & Rumz). This Show was Produced on 12/12/2014

Indie Face Radio is a Globally Broadcasted Radio/Video Show, Currently Airing in 83 Countries and Reaching 2.4 Milion Listeners!

Created by Tyrone Lineberger a.k.a Terrible T and his Ace Pardner in Prime; Cornelius Edwards a.k.a CornDeezy. Indie Face Radio Strives and Succeeds Greatly in Providing a Positive, Engaging and Entertaining Platform for Individuals and Groups to either Come In or Call In and Freely Talk, Network, Promote and Gain Valuable Knowledge about their Independent Ambitions and Projects; Some Interesting and Notable Guests are usually Headlining the shows program.