Biz Markie’s Weight Loss is worthy of Spotlighting

Biz Markie

Trainer Z Commentary: – First off; Happy Happy Belated Birthday to DJ, Rapper, BeatBoxer, Entertainer Biz Markie (best know for the song “Just A Friend”; video shown below).

The Biz who turned 51 on April 8th is a much slimmer, healthier and I’m sure, happier version of himself in this day and age than in comparison to how he has been at various stages of his life.

With health issues (type 2 diabetes) being the primary incentive to lose weight; The Biz has shed about 140 pounds which will surely give him some added years of life so that he can continue to entertain us for awhile longer.

I’m not exactly certain how The Biz lost his unwanted pounds but I’m certain that it involved great sacrifice and great discipline for the great challenge; a challenge that he was motivated and supported enough to succeed in overcoming.

May we all be motivated and supported in our ongoing pursuit to ultimately achieve…

The Biz and his fitness goal achievement gives us another positive reminder that there is a thin line between health and fitness; you need to incorporate fitness into your life so that you can improve your overall quality of life, and especially as you get older…


Photo Source: The Book of Life | Flickr – Photo Sharing!Ronald Woan Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic / CC BY-NC 2.0