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Writer, Author, Announcer, Voice Talent, and more

TJ Speaks

TJ Speaks Press Release: T.J. Speaks aka LaTrice Jackson hails from San Francisco (by way of Dallas). This author/playwright has a sassy ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ style of writing that hints at her becoming one of the best storytellers of our time. “As a child, I learned the importance of words through my local library,” she says. “I read from books that chronicled the Harlem Renaissance, to actually experiencing Harlem which made me believe that I could go anywhere in the world and speak.”

After surviving a health scare in 2013, this creative writer shifted her pen into overdrive, and now she’s enjoying the ride. With the breakout success of JUBA – Poems That Dance, and the stage play Lookout Baltimore (dramatic comedy – Marin Theatre Company submission – 2015 Sky Cooper New American Play Prize), it’s clear that when T.J. speaks, her voice treads water most writers find too deep to leap.

T.J. believes seven is the number of completion, and in keeping with her belief (seven years after the publication of ‘JUBA’), she’s preparing to share her carefully penned novel Boss Chick with loyal fans and new followers (Fall 2015). T.J. recently lent her vocal talents for the highly-anticipated Urban Network Back To Basics 2 Music Entertainment Summit 2015, a rewarding voice-over experience that displays T.J.’s creative vocal range, and willingness to delve into new entertainment mediums.

“Before it’s all said and done, I want my name to be synonymous with literature, television, radio, stage and film,” T.J. says,

“T.J. Speaks … We listen when you speak.” – Gloria Goldwater/Author of SuperFly – My Untold Story of Hip-Hop/SuperFly Publishing

“T.J. is an excellent writer/producer; I think highly of this very talented woman.” – Tyrone Lineberger/Radio Podcast Co-host (Indie Face Radio, Los Angeles).

“Great storytelling can often mean dancing in the deepest realm of discomfort.” – T.J. Speaks

JUBA – Poems That Dance, available via select online outlets: www.bn.com, www.amazon.com, www.getthetzelement.com

Excerpt: LOOKOUT BALTIMORE (Dramatic Comedy – Stage Play)

Performance Licensing: tjspeaks2u@gmail.com

website: TJspeaks.com