Trainer Z ‘The Fitness Motivator’ Demonstrating Chest Dips

I am Trainer Z “The Fitness Motivator”! In this Real Deal Fitness episode 5, I’m performing the 2nd most challenging repetitive body-weight exercise which is Chest Dips (this is a primary chest exercise which secondarily benefits the triceps and the shoulders).

When you are performing Chest Dips, the triceps (back of the upper arms) are doing the actual work while the chest muscles take on the workload motion.

You should try to perform the Chest Dips with full range reps, going to failure for 4 – 6 sets on a daily basis or at least a minimum of 3 x per week.

Keep in mind that the slower you perform your reps, the greater the exercise challenge which will lead to a greater physical benefit. If you’re going to do them, you might as well do them for the greater benefit.

When your overall strength and conditioning greatly improves beyond being able to perform more than 12 reps in a set, you can then add additional weight to your body by placing a dumbbell between the legs or use a dip belt in conjunction with weight plates or a weighted vest or a weighted belt.

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