Hugh Jackman Leg Press Exercise Mode; He’s getting a leg up on his development…


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Real Deal Comments From Trainer Z ‘The Fitness Motivator’:

Actor; Hugh Jackman Leg Press Exercise Mode – Hugh appears here on this page (via his Instagram post) in Leg Press position, ready to blast the legs.

Jackman generally keeps himself in top physical condition year round which is truly the ideal mode of being.

Make fitness an integral part of your daily life, and your life will be better each day.

Leg Presses are a great strength training exercise for helping to strengthen, tone and shape the quads, glutes and hamstrings.

Using a moderate to heavy amount of weight on a leg press machine; perform 9 – 12 reps x 3 – 6 sets.

You can perform Leg Presses either one leg at a time for a full set and then switch to the other leg, or you can perform reps for both legs at the same time, or you can work both legs by alternating reps.

Thank you Hugh for being one of the very few celebrities/notables to routinely post/share fitness images. Your fitness content will surely help to motivate others to strive for their fitness goals…

We look forward to future fitness postings from you so that we can present them for their POSITIVE impact.

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