Singer Charlie Wilson (a.k.a Uncle Charlie) with the launching of his self-titled memoir book ‘I Am Charlie Wilson’ is giving the world a very deep glimpse.

It was indeed a cool opportunity to meet 9-Time Grammy-Nominated Artist Charlie Wilson at his book signing in New York for ‘I am Charlie Wilson’; during the event, I was actually surprised but more so impressed with the humor and the candor that Uncle Charlie expressed while engaging the attending audience.

Charlie Wilson

Presenting a genuine gift-for-gab (very entertaining); Uncle Charlie could have and probably would have talked freely and openly for hours, but he was reminded that we were there for an actual book signing and needed to move on with that phase of the evenings event.

Trainer Z’s Book Commentary: The book itself; ‘I Am Charlie Wilson’, gives us a very deep and revealing glimpse into the bad and the good, the struggles and the success of this Keep The Faith individual; some incredible situations and outcomes are vicariously revealed to us within the realm of his book.

*For some that may not know; Charlie Wilson is a former member of the American R&B and Funk band ‘The Gap Band’ which rose to fame during the 1970s and 1980s. Composed of brothers Charlie, Ronnie, and Robert Wilson.

In recognition of Charlie Wilson; is pleased to SPOTLIGHT him for his persevering faith and for keeping it real by delivering a book that will help to motivate a great many individuals to Keep The Faith and to be Great and to live Great if you want Greatness…

You can click on the link below to purchase your copy of Charlie Wilson’s ‘I Am Charlie Wilson’!

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