Zendaya Is A Princess With A Positive Purpose

When you hear the phrase ‘Disney Princess’, a number of images readily come to mind; however, when you think of a ‘Princess With A Purpose’ – the name “ZENDAYA” stands head-and-shoulders above others who wear the crown.

With a wellspring of talent that speaks to over 15.4 million social media followers, the 18-year old “Shake It Up” (Disney Channel Series) starlet has officially entered the realm of mega-stardom. It’s true – being a Disney darling provides wealth and opportunity; however, the young certified platinum ‘Relay’ singer (single from her self-titled album ‘ZENDAYA’), is proving there’s more to her existence than trademark affiliations and runway-clad swagger.

Two days after her high school graduation, ‘Zendaya’ received the “Woman of Excellence” honor from the ‘LadyLike Foundation’ in Los Angeles (highlighting professional accomplishments and philanthrophy). One month after receiving the nod of excellence, the Adidas – ‘Adigirl’ flew to South Africa (in celebration of ‘Nelson Mandela Day’), to increase awareness for HIV/AIDS among locals in the region.

Coupled with a natural compassion for helping others, the ‘KC Undercover’ star has formalized her support for Charities & Foundations (American Heart Association, Communities in Schools, Convoy of Hope, DonorsChoose.org, PETA, UNICEF), in a manner that is POSITIVELY awe-inspiring.

‘the TZ element’ is moved by Zendaya’s commitment to strengthening communities and saving lives, and officially crowns this young celebrity as a ‘Princess With A Positive Purpose’.

Zendaya Is A Princess With A Positive Purpose

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