Mark Wahlberg Positively Paying His Dues

With a career stemming from humble beginnings as the ‘front man’ for infantilized 1990’s hip-hop group – “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch”, superstar – “Mark Wahlberg”, has a challenging past (drugs, gangs, and dropping out of school), championed by a strong sense of determination and unyielding positivity.

In a recent article (“Men’s Fitness” – July/Aug. 2015), ‘Wahlberg’ admits to spending 45 days in ‘Suffolk County’s Deer Island House of Correction’; an experience that sharpened his 16-year old perspective, and ultimately changed his life. ‘Wahlberg’ recalls adolescent thoughts, which attest to his hope for a brighter future … “This is what my life is? No, I don’t want this. I’ll do everything I can to turn it around!”

The unforgiving consequence of mischief put ‘Wahlberg’ on a personal crusade to change the course of his destiny (through prayer, physical fitness, and positive affirmations). Now, 28-years later (with an impressive box office career that spans a quarter century), the Oscar-nominated actor (“The Departed”, and “The Fighter”), has Hollywood eating from the palm of his hand.

With the success of hit shows like “Entourage” and “Ballers” (HBO television), ‘Wahlberg’ belies the notion he was destined for ruin. Through precision aplomb and sharp business acumen, ‘the TZ element’ greatly acknowledges Mark Wahlberg as a celebrity who flexes ‘character muscles’ with a vein of integrity, to prove he’s “Positively Paying His Dues”.