T.D. Jakes Shines A Very Bright Light On Your Life’s Purpose

The day was hot and the line was long, but ‘Destiny Shall Not Be Denied!’ – It was indeed a destined opportunity to not only meet with, but to also be granted a rare posed photo with Bishop T.D. Jakes at his ‘Destiny: Step Into Your Purpose’ book signing event in Manhattan, New York (NYC).

TD Jakes

Trainer Z’s POSITIVE Book Commentary: ‘Destiny: Step Into Your Purpose’ is a great inspirational/motivational book that is put together in an easy to read/understand format; most of the chapter titles and section titles read like quick inspirational quotes themselves.

‘Destiny’ is a great read for anyone, and a must read for those in particular who may be at a point in life where they are unmotivated, uncertain, or unaware of the purpose of their life.

‘Destiny’ will shine light on many aspects of self that may need to be addressed so that one can positively redirect their steps; the very necessary steps that can lead to a life of fulfillment beyond just mere existence.

In recognition of Bishop T.D. Jakes; GETtheTZelement.com is pleased to SPOTLIGHT him for his persevering spiritual work and for delivering a book that will help to shine a very bright light for many individuals so that they can see the way to moving forward in life with greater confidence and purpose…

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