Patti LaBelle Is Giving Us Some Positive, Healthy Notes To Live Our Life By

The moment Grammy Award-winning singer, author, entrepreneur – “Patti LaBelle” felt the effects of her diabetic existence, she was delivering a powerhouse performance at the Paramount Hotel in Times Square (New York City – 2001), when suddenly she fainted. After collapsing before an audience of loyal fans, she attributed the spell to being a mild case of heat exhaustion. Soon after seeking medical attention, she was treated for extremely high blood glucose, and diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (a personal reality, which no longer loomed in the distance).

Having witnessed her mother succumb to Type 2 Diabetes, Patti decided fear would not dictate her life. “I am a DIVA-betic, as long as I control diabetes, it does not control me,” she stated, in articles with Diabetes Forecast and In the wake of panic often associated with a diagnosis, she made a personal choice to live up to her professional adage …‘The Show Must Go On’.

Through measures taken to manage her illness, Patti LaBelle has become an advocate for controlling diabetes (with medication, healthier diet, and exercise). The success of her cookbook (“Recipes for the Good Life” – 2008), and popular line of “Lady Marmalade” spices (available through, make it a delight to see the legendary “New Attitude” singer – serenade the world with POSITIVE notes to live by.