Serena Williams Is Positively Dominating

With 20 years of professional tennis matches to her credit, American tennis superstar – ‘Serena Williams’ has proven her reign as one of the most dominant females to have ever mastered the game.

Under the watchful tutelage of her father (Richard Williams – American tennis coach), ‘Serena Williams’ developed a style of ‘play’ (alongside her sister ‘Venus’), that brings an unprecedented combination of beauty, strength, and ‘swagger’ to each match.

With an emergent trophy-case to pageant her titles (including 69 Singles, 22 Doubles, 4 Gold Medals), ‘Williams’ refrains from verbally addressing media scrutiny; she instead, uses hard-fought percentages and title weight to silence critics and set the record straight.

Ranked #47 by Forbes – ‘World’s Highest Paid Athletes’ ($11.6m/winnings, $13m/endorsements – 2015), this tennis phenom carts an estimated $145m in net worth (attributed to lucrative ventures and strategic branding). At age 34, having surpassed tennis legend ‘Chris Evert’ – to become the oldest woman to rank #1 in professional tennis (2013-present), enthusiasts now oppose the notion of this being the final sweep in the ‘Serena Open’; a final match to usher the Compton native across ‘retirement’ lines, for her place among the highest-earning female athletes of all time.

In celebration of the grand dame of tennis, GETtheTZelement blends its voice in a worldwide roar – to honor Serena Williams’ ability to mesh ‘who-she-is’ with ‘what-she-loves’, while silencing cynics … and positively dominating the court.