Spotlighting: Dwight Howard

For this month of November; the celebrity fitness spotlight is shining on NBA player; Dwight Howard, the starting Center for the Atlanta Hawks.

Trainer Z Commentary: The fitness mode images being displayed from Dwight’s instagram feed gives us a glimpse that he goes heavy and hard in the gym which correlates to him being able to go hard on offense and defense when on the basketball court.

  • 1st video clip; Howard is performing ‘Partial Range Chin Ups’.
  • 2nd video clip, Howard is performing a variation of ‘Dead Lifts’.
  • 3rd video clip shows Howard performing ‘Weighted Stiff-Arm Plank’.
  • 4th video clip we see Howard performing ‘Dumbbell Bench Press’.

Although I’m not certain of what Howard’s present fitness goal is; whether to maintain or further improve but it’s great to see that he is putting in some serious work to achieve and/or maintain a degree of physicality.