Spotlighting: Fantasia Barrino

For this month of January; the celebrity fitness spotlight is shining on singer, songwriter, actress Fantasia Barrino.

Trainer Z Commentary: Fantasia is showing us the intensified difference between exercising and working out. Make no mistake about it; she is not merely exercising; she is working and working it out as clearly evident in these 14 video clips that she has posted on Instagram.

Fantasia is also benefitting greatly from the utilization of a fitness trainer; you can only push yourself and your effort to a certain degree/level, but utilizing a trainer or a coach will allow you to go far beyond your own self effort.

I always state that consistency is much more beneficially important than intensity, but when you do combine the 2 factors; you can and will achieve some awesome results.

Keep up the great effort Fantasia; continue to do you and be the best you as you envision.