Most of us would agree, the year 2016 presented a host of sensational events that made headlines, as well as compelling incidents that shaped our individual perspectives. Whether we witnessed these memorable occurrences through the periscope of social media, or subjectively observed them among our families and communities, one fact remains constant; through our interconnection, we shared a relentless sense of MOTIVATION that set the stage for achievement.

In a society driven by an influx of ‘reality viewership’ and ‘social commentary’, there are but a limited number of consistent go-to sources that provide ‘POSITIVE ONLY’ content, and ‘the TZ element’ is honored to be a front-runner among them. Each monthly issue of online content serves the primary purposes of enlightening and motivating our audience through ‘POSITIVE ONLY’ commentary on Celebrity Fitness, Sports, Entertainment, and Life (however, as you experience our online publication, you’ll find we offer substantially more than that).

Whether you’re an incessant recipient of tips and information gained through your appreciation of the ‘the TZ element’ – or if you’re experiencing our online magazine for the very first time, we want you to know we’re honored by your presence, time and attention. Our unique online press serves the absolute best ‘value proposition’ we could ever hope for, and that proposition is Y-O-U! Because whether you’re an individual with personal fitness goals, a freelancer seeking new opportunities to honor your craft or an aspiring artist on the grind to land his/her big break, ‘the TZ element’ designs content with you in mind.

In this issue of ‘the TZ element’, we’re confident you will find information that you can benefit from and share. We’re excited at the prospect of adding value to your viewer experience as we broaden our audience to make our Positive community even stronger. At the core of our excitement, we invite you to return each month for value-added information, and we trust you’ll extend an open invitation for friends and family to join us.

As we each work to honor resolutions and aims for this exciting new year, we ask that you to take a moment to consider this simple yet pointed mantra … No matter how grand our GOALS, or how progressive our PURPOSE, ‘Let’s Get MOTIVATED to Achieve’ success, because we’re worth it!

While we elevate our talents in hopes of bringing you more of what you’ve come to enjoy, let us raise our glasses in a toast to opulence and success.