New single from Novachane ‘Realization’ available now wherever downloads are available.


Novachane is a rapper, record producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur originating from Terrell, Texas. Novachane has been creating music since the age of 8. His passion for music goes back as far as he can remember and without having a large mainstream audience, he has been cited as a major influence to some of the younger hip-hop hopefuls in his hometown of Terrell, Texas.

Novachane has been able to perfect a great live show experience for his fans and perform on countless numbers of shows across the county. Novachane has music credits on a host of other rap artists albums as a vocal performer and writer. Novachane realized early on that the music industry had no outlets in Terrell Texas, yet he still strived to defy the odds and create a lane for others to follow. Novachane’s hard work has currently granted him a strong buzz in the Dallas / Fort Worth and surrounding markets.

Novachane currently has songs in rotation on numerous Indie Radio Stations and believes in the old and new school ways of promoting music. Novachane has gone one step further and actually promised his diehard fans, that he will become a trailblazer and accomplish things never done before in the music industry.

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