Spotlighting: Natasha Hastings

For this month of March; the Celebrity Fitness Spotlight is shining on Natasha Hastings.

Who Is Natasha Hastings: Natasha Monique Hastings is a USA Track & Field Sprinter, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Class Athlete from New York. At the age of 22, she made her first appearance with the USA Olympic Track and Field Team and in 2008 won an Olympic Gold Medal in the Women’s 4×400M relay team.

Natasha has been labeled by her fan base as the ”400M Diva” after she jokingly described the ladies’ track team at the University of South Carolina, where she attended, as the “Gamecock Divas” in honor of the school’s mascot.

Trainer Z Fitness Commentary: It’s clearly obvious from Natasha’s Instagram postings shown below that this Track and Field athlete puts in some diligent and focused gym time in conjunction with her overall athletic training.

When you have athletic prowess and then you put in the time and the effort to enhance that gifted prowess with appropriate strength training exercises, you are giving yourself an incredible and often unmatched advantage over your competition.

We definitely look forward to ‘Spotlighting’ Natasha again and presenting more fitness content from this Olympian.