Spotlighting: Gabrielle Stone

For this month of May; our ‘Celebrity Fitness Spotlight’ is shining brightly on Actress Gabrielle Stone, a truly dedicated woman who I recently had the pleasure of interviewing.

Who Is Gabrielle Stone: Gabrielle Stone is an American actress and director, she is the daughter of actor Christopher Stone and actress Dee Wallace. Gabrielle has over 40 film credits (and counting) to her name.

Gabrielle Stone

Gabrielle not only puts in some serious and notable work within the entertainment industry but she also puts in serious work in the gym, and she embraces fitness as a lifestyle to feel and look her best. Her fitness efforts over the course of time have certainly paid off from working it out at UPF Westlake.

Here is my ‘Celebrity Fitness interview’ with Gabrielle Stone.

Trainer Z: Before we talk fitness, please inform us of any movies you have coming out soon that we should be on the lookout for?

  • Gabrielle Stone: I’m really excited for three films I have coming out this year. ‘Rock Paper Dead’, a horror film directed by Tom Holland (Child’s Play, Fright Night). Starring Luke Macfarlane, Michael Madsen, Tatum O’Neal, & Maureen McCormick. ‘Swell’, a festival drama directed by Justin Lee. Starring Summer Spiro & myself. I cannot wait for people to see this film, I’m so proud of it, it’s absolutely incredible. And ‘The Competition’, a comedy directed by Harvey Lowry. Starring Chris Klein & Thora Birch. I had such a blast on this film. It’s hysterical, due out later this year.

Trainer Z: Knowing that the time factor is a major deterrent for many people, how is it that you are able to manage the demands of your entertainment career and still make time to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle?

  • Gabrielle Stone: Honestly I say all the time that I don’t know how I would workout the way I do if I had a normal job. It’s definitely a job to get the type of workouts in that I do. It’s a challenge when I’m on set to have the energy to workout around filming.

Trainer Z: At what age or stage of your life did fitness become a major part of your lifestyle?

  • Gabrielle Stone: Probably when I was 15/16 years of age. That was when I had to stop eating whatever I wanted and start working out. As I’ve gotten older it’s only become a bigger part of my life and routine.

Trainer Z: I often tell people that fitness dedication starts with motivation. Who or what motivates you to workout?

  • Gabrielle Stone: To tell you the truth my motivation comes from me wanting to look and feel a certain way. Of course, if I have a project coming up where I’m going to be in certain clothing I will always push a little harder. I have to work for the figure I want to have, so that keeps me motivated.

Trainer Z: One of the key elements for staying consistent with working out is accountability. Who keeps you accountable for working out consistently?

  • Gabrielle Stone: Myself mostly. My husband and I definitely help each other in that department, unfortunately, we’re both kind of extremists so we are either very on it or very off it!

Trainer Z: Please share with us some details of your current/typical workout week?

  • Gabrielle Stone: I usually work out six days a week and take one day off. I will either take a class at my gym or go to lift and do cardio. Circuit training has always worked well for me, and I absolutely love boxing. My friends and I will hike as well, but that will usually be in addition to another workout that day.

Trainer Z: What forms of cardio activity do you include in your workout routine?

  • Gabrielle Stone: I sprint; usually doing one minute on, one minute off. Sometimes I’ll run at a slower pace for a longer distance. I hop on the stair master too.

Trainer Z: Which body part/muscle is your favorite to work on?

  • Gabrielle Stone: I don’t know if I would say favorite, but I definitely work on my legs and butt the most. But once they start showing results it’s definitely worth it.

Trainer Z: What form of exercise is your least favorite?

  • Gabrielle Stone: Probably cardio. Although it feels super rewarding cause I’m dying out of breath and sweating, I’m never super excited to get cardio in.

Trainer Z: What specific fitness goal are you currently focused on?

  • Gabrielle Stone: This year I really wanted to focus on having a better balance. Hitting the gym hard but still letting myself go out and have a good meal with friends. In this business, it’s really hard because so much socializing is done around food and drinks. So I’m trying to maintain a good balance.

Trainer Z: What genres of music or current songs do you listen to while you’re working out?

  • Gabrielle Stone: Usually current stuff that’s on the radio with a good beat…however I’m a sucker for 90s pop on Pandora.

Trainer Z: What foods do you generally consume within your typical fitness day?

  • Gabrielle Stone: Eggs, fat-free cottage cheese, and fruit, protein shakes, steak, salmon; not all that in a day but that’s definitely a weekly list!

Trainer Z: What are 3 of your favorite foods and 3 of your least favorite foods?

  • Gabrielle Stone: Favorites would be pasta, sushi, and Mexican food. Least? I’m not a big hater on food!

Trainer Z: What nutritional supplements do you take if any?

  • Gabrielle Stone: I take super HD when I’m prepping for something as a pre workout.

15 Personality Questions for Gabrielle Stone:

The series of questions and answers listed below will give us an insightful and potentially humorous glimpse into Gabrielle’s personality and/or lifestyle. How well can you relate to her?

  1. Christmas or Thanksgiving?
    – Christmas. 100%. My family goes all out for Christmas.
  2. City or Country?
    – Both? I live in suburbia so you can turn on any street and park…but it’s still definitely a city. I get anxious every time I drive into Hollywood.
  3. Paintings or Sculptures?
    – Paintings. No reason behind that.
  4. Galaxy or iPhone?
    – iPhone. I hate when people’s texts are green.
  5. Talking or Texting?
    – Depends on the person.
  6. Board Games or Video Games?
    – Board games. Old school. Although I can get down with Super Mario Brothers.
  7. Lace or Leather?
    – Lace
  8. Baseball Caps or Headbands?
    – Baseball Caps
  9. Cats or Dogs?
    – Both
  10. Lions or Tigers?
    – Bears. Just kidding, Tigers.
  11. Jogging or Swimming?
    – Jogging for fitness, swimming for fun.
  12. Nature Hike or Skiing?
    – Nature Hike
  13. Beer or Wine?
    – Wine. Always wine.
  14. Brownies or Cookies?
    – That’s tough. I don’t discriminate on my sweets.
  15. Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?
    – Ice cream. But I’ve enjoyed my share of Froyo.

Trainer Z: There you have it; she is Gabrielle Stone. Thank you much Gabrielle for taking the time to share with us; you are greatly appreciated. We look forward to your upcoming movies and to also ‘Spotlighting’ you again in the near future. Before you ride off into the sunset; please let everyone know how they can contact/connect with you.

Gabrielle Stone: I’m on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @GabrielleStone, and Snapchat @gstonez