It’s no secret that American actress, author, producer – ‘Meagan Good‘ possesses a noticeable amount of unapologetic sex-appeal, which understandably turns heads and steals scenes. But, what makes the “Think Like a Man” starlet such a well-respected fixture in Hollywood – is the amount of artistic honesty that shatters the fourth wall, to reveal the business acumen which lies beneath her beauty.

With a career of cinematic gems such as the masterful portrayal of Cisely Batiste (“Eve’s Bayou” – 1997), it would be a gross misjudgment of talent to classify ‘Good’ as a rising star, or an emerging artist. When we consider her phenomenal array of film and television credits, which include: “A Girl Like Grace” – 2015 film, “Deception” – 2013 film, “Jumping The Broom” – 2011 film, “The Game” – 2011 BET television series, “All of Us” – 2007 TV sitcom, “Roll Bounce” – 2005 film, “You Got Served” – 2004 film, “Biker Boys” – 2003 film, “House Party” – 2001 film, “Cousin Skeeter” – 1998-2001 TV sitcom, “The Steve Harvey Show” – 2000 TV sitcom, it becomes evident the golden ring of mega-stardom has officially been clutched.

Now, with a swarm of social media dialog surrounding Good’s co-authored Best Seller “The Wait” – penned with husband DeVon Franklin (President & CEO of Franklin Entertainment, author, and inspirational speaker), fans have gotten a closer look at the life and lifestyle of the “Code Black” actress, and the vision for expanding her brand beyond the box office. With an influx of husband-and wife collaborative efforts to produce A-List projects, it comes as no surprise to learn the impending reboot of the 1974 cult-classic “Foxy Brown” has ‘Good’ attached to the project, as the leading character (and with hubby DeVon co-signing production, she can’t lose). The highly anticipated HULU|Franklin Entertainment crime thriller collabo, could very well be the realistic blast from the past television fans are longing for.

The original movie, made popular by revered Actress Par Excellence ‘Pam Grier‘ (Directed by: Jack Hill), was based on a woman’s drive to avenge her boyfriend’s murder. As fans of the do-or-die classic can attest, Pam Grier was masterful at shifting the performance paradigm for female artists toward perfection. Contextually speaking, a remake that reprises the role of such a beloved character as ‘Foxy’, warrants a cast and crew who can effectively mirror the essence of the original score at every turn, and thankfully we’re in luck; because, the made for television reload is in ‘good’ hands (wordplay intended). Thanks to HULU, Franklin Entertainment, Tony Krantz, MGM TV, and the executive efforts of Meagan Good – fans are in for some throw-back action that honors the timeless classic perfectly. In fact, with ‘Good’ starring as the heroine, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility to expect an eventual “Golden Globes”, “Viewers’ Choice” or “Webby Awards” nod (remember… when it happens, you heard it here first).

theTZelement magazine is proud of ‘MG’s ability to convey the prowess of minor and major characters, with a convincing spirit that never grows cold. Trusting that her new project will spark excitement among new fans and loyal followers, the modern depiction of the über-sexy heroine will without-a-doubt become a streamed favorite, and who knows… it could even result in subsequent spin-offs.

In celebration of Meagan’s exciting new project (and keeping with our mission to promote POSITIVE vibes), we applaud ‘Meagan Monique Good’ for linking her celebrity status to an undertaking that promotes strength end empowerment for all women. The remix of “Foxy Brown” as a television series is but a brilliant move made possible by HULU; a boss move that seeks to empower, as it appropriates the demand for stronger images across gender lines in the world of entertainment.

The countdown to the day Meagan Good gets ‘Foxy’ has officially begun, and we could not be more excited. As we celebrate this milestone with a spotlight on this ground-breaking business venture, we would be remiss if our team did not send warm birthday wishes to the incomparable Pam Grier. Pam, we thank you for your role in creating such memorable cinematic history, and for being a consistent source of inspiration.

In our endeavor to salute Meagan for leading by example, our team commends this starlet for being part of a unified nexus which promotes healthier perspectives, self-worth, entrepreneurship, and inclusion. To those of us seeking to identify the inner-strength that can uncover our God-given fate, may we first trust the notion that we are destined for greatness, because the hero/heroine within each of us, is POSITIVELY enough.