Google the phrase “Comedic Legend”, and the name ‘Dave Chappelle‘ is certain to appear alongside the greatest comics to ever rip the stage, or rock the mic. As a 30-year industry veteran, Dave’s performance chops were cut back in the late 1980’s – when he attended the Duke Ellington School of the Arts (Washington, D.C.). To his credit, the ‘Def Comedy Jam’ powerhouse readily paired his gift-of-gab with a penchant for stardom. He took bit-parts and turned them into life-changing opportunities (complete with lead movie roles, full-length stand-up tours, television appearances, and countless awards).

The evolution of his comedic brilliance resulted in a comedy series that bore his name – “Chappelle’s Show” (Comedy Central, 2003-2006); but, after only a few fiery seasons, Dave no longer found enjoyment in producing the network series. So, he quietly stepped away. Without an explanation, he returned to the normal everyday life he more closely identified with. And yes, fans who supported his rise to fame were heartbroken and confused. But, nothing ill-fitting lasts forever, right? Time has a way of filling voids; particularly, the one Dave contended within his career.

After being away for nearly a decade, he has returned to the stage – with full throttle fanfare fueling his journey every step of the way. During an interview with David Letterman, The ‘Woo’ actor was asked why he abandoned his show. His response: “I don’t talk about it,” Chappelle said, before jokingly adding, “Technically I didn’t quit, I’m just seven years late for work.” Well, thankfully his personal reprieve has led him back to the stage from obscurity. But not only is he back, he’s steamrolling audiences with freewheeling perspectives, and serving up humor that slices the boughs of hilarity like a machete.

With the courage to step away from the limelight to become his own man, he has proven to be a real stand-up guy, with self-esteem, compassion for his fellow man, and an introspective interpretation of life. When asked by Jimmy Kimmel how his selection process works – for topics that make the cut for his stage material, Dave responded by saying: “Those (topics) are big enough that you wouldn’t have to look, I think it’s more of a compulsion. Like, sometimes something will happen, and you feel a certain way about it. Like, when I’m walking down the street, they’ll be like, ‘Dave, that’s right, you tell it how it is.’ [Not—really!] I don’t really know what it is. I just say what it feels like.”

We each believe – with age comes wisdom and a deeper understanding of one’s purpose. With Dave’s ability to shine the focus on self-preservation (then, step right back into his old digs as captain of the ship), we’re moved to salute our brother as he takes a silent bow for living an inconvenient truth while the entire world watched it unfold. The ‘Dave Chappelle’ audiences are now enjoying, has insight that hails from a place of peace and personal musing. He’s using experience and wisdom to create longevity in the lane that suits him best (a personal lane of laughter, carefully constructed with solitude and worth).

With his long-awaited comeback still unfolding, the ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’ actor understands all eyes will be affixed to his every move, and Dave is equipped for the stare-down. So much so, he has assembled an entertainment showcase our team affectionately terms ‘Chappelle-a-Palooza’. This is a uniquely historic comedy experience of gifted proportions: one you won’t soon forget. Get this, Dave’s not peddling tickets and merely flying to-and-fro just to tickle our fancies. No. His 2017 Fall comedy stint includes a month-long residency at ‘Radio City Music Hall’ – New York City, NY (Aug 1st – Aug. 24th) with a heavy-hitter guest list: Chris Rock, The Roots, Lauryn Hill, Ice Cube, Common, Erykah Badu, Arsenio Hall, Lil John, Big Boi, Trevor Noah, Lil Wayne, Childish Gambino, and a host of others. To top things off, his Aug. 15th concert date at ‘Radio City’ is set to unveil a ‘very’ special surprise guest. We can’t let the cat out of the bag, but we will say this much – this appearance is going to blow the-roof-off- the-motha’ (see… we’ve given you too many det’s already). And detailing his new NETFLIX ORIGINAL special in proper fashion (Dave Chappelle|Two Cities One Event), would insist on theTZelement being allowed to get up close and personal with the funnyman (no small feat, considering his private offstage existence).

theTZelement supports Chappelle in his quest to bring ‘funny’ back – during a pivotal time when we could all use a little more laughter. Now, it’s not clear just how far Dave plans to bend our funny bones this time around; but, we’re witnessing the evolution of a man who epitomizes comedy (it’s who he is, and what he feels, instead of what he’s tasked to perform). If there’s any truth to the old adage – “To the victor goes the spoils”, this ‘Undercover Brother’ will prove wonderfully victorious – as he rides the revolutionary wave of success. Perhaps, the crest will occasionally swell as new projects meet the horizon; but, he’ll only allow a lift to altitudes that compliment his in-control lifestyle. We’re cheering and enjoying the second-leg of his comedic ride (which may be a bit safer this time around, but none-the-less wild).