There’s clearly no shortage of media outlets working around-the-clock to decode the fate of La La Anthony’s Full Court Life. A life of humble beginnings with sensationalized personal points that deserve the consideration of silence (operative word being personal). A life magnified under the periscope of public opinion – where a celebrity’s existence is picked apart and left for critique. A life of equal parts ‘panache’ and ‘misgivings’. The life of a 16-year-old girl from Brooklyn – who learned (early on) about the importance of bending the arc of opportunity to her will, despite the judgment of prying eyes.

For La La, being from Brooklyn meant displaying a stick-to-it spirit, and being able to stand up for herself; however, there were blemishes placed atop her dreams, and people who were unkind in ways that arrested her options for success. Thankfully, she ignored stigmas and premature admonitions which insisted … You’re from Brooklyn, you’ll never graduate from college, become a TV Host, actress, producer, entrepreneur, or New York Times, best-selling author. In true Brooklyn fashion – she got busy, rolled up her sleeves, and worked overtime to ensure her dreams became a reality.

Throughout her steady rise to fame, La La Anthony has proven herself brave, pursuant, and consistent. At the age of 16, she blew up the airwaves of Hot 97 radio – with style and originality that made Brooklyn’s-own a household name. Within just three short years, she used her radio platform as a catalyst to become a flagship VJ for MTV (at the tender age of 19 … like really, who does that?). Some call it lady luck or gifts of the game; but, what La La had was more-so tied to clarity and vision.

As a result of keeping her head down and grinding, she is warmly accepted and celebrated as one of the most influential celebrities in radio, television, stage, and film (both out front and behind the scenes). Get this, La La is the mother of a 10-year-old who became a sought-after Clothing Designer (5th and Mercer), media production partnership heavyweight (ITV America), and Broadway Co-Producer (Lupita Nyong’o – ‘Eclipsed’, 2016 ); but, she manages to find time to embark on new opportunities. Opportunities she recalls as a child – that bore labels of impossibility (that dared a girl who rep’d Brooklyn, to write her name across the front to rename each one). La La Anthony, knew early on she would become a star, she was just waiting for everyone else to catch a clue.

Chief among her current accomplishments is a co-developed cosmetics line ‘Motives for La La‘. A revolutionary makeup line designed to help women feel beautifully empowered. ‘La La’s celebrity reputation makes ‘Motives For La La’ a must-have staple for beauty that helps women put their best foot forward. Motives is no ordinary makeup line; it offers women from all walks of life lucrative franchise opportunities and training that seeks to reassure them … You’re beautifully powerful, no matter who you are.”

We applaud ‘Alani Nicole Anthony’ for being innovative and distinctly driven to succeed – wielding an essential impact across the world stage. She’s more than a girl from Brooklyn who caught her big break. Hers is a true Cinderella story that plays out in media, entertainment, beauty salons, philanthropic offerings, and business ventures. La La is a brand ambassador for beauty and a visionary who’s unafraid to tackle the impossible; a word that oddly enough points back to itself to admit … I’m possible.