Music Pop-star ‘Britney Spears‘ is blowing the roof off the performance scene in Las Vegas, and The Axis Theater (Planet Hollywood) is where the live action is going down. Now, we all know Las Vegas is known as “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” but, did you know – for the past 4-years a former cast-member from The All-New Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has claimed Vegas as her home? Yes, in true Britney fashion, Spears has taken her place among performance legends (Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Gladys Knight, and Toni Braxton), to mesmerize audiences with high-energy encore performances. The “Britney: Piece of Me” headline show is proof positive she’s the same southern girl-next-door (with just a little more to offer than before).

The ‘…Baby One More Time’ songbird has 8 studio albums, countless awards, and a loyal following that allows her to hold down a prime entertainment residency. Rather impressive accomplishments, especially in an era where hardly anyone buys music. But then again, she is Britney Spears, and when you’re a ‘Slave’ to her music, you not only stream it on the go, you tend to skip-a-trip to Vegas to relax and cop a show.

Spears’s Vegas show (and yes, the possessive for Spears is Spears’s, as weird as that may seem) maintains her signature sound and catchy dance moves and is known for never missing a beat. But, now that she’s all grown up, you’re probably wondering what an intimate performance setting is like for the 30-something starlet, right? Does she still have the moves, the voice, the swell of the crowd, and the stage persona that sparked her rise to fame? Well, the answers are simple: Yes, Yes, Yes… and MOST DEFINITELY! Our girl ‘Brit-Brit’ is all grown up, and she makes no apology for the evolution of her sensuality – as seen in the show’s choreography and evident in her lyrics. What we’re currently witnessing from Spears is the heart of a consummate performer, who utilizes life’s experiences to state a case for the pomp of passion she delivers onstage. The masterfully incorporated dance moves and sexy innuendo are woven into her shows (tastefully so), without compromising the positive onstage image she has maintained for over two decades.

Make no mistake about it, ‘Britney Jean’ knows the effect she has on a crowd, and she’s not shy about giving us what we expect. The warmth and honesty she brings to the stage seems more personal than ever; and you can bet your bottom dollar, the meaning of each song was bought with the heart of a woman, and well paid for.

Proving herself to be more mature, responsible and confident in her role as an artist, mother, and businesswoman – Britney recently spoke briefly about the wonder years of her 20’s to Britain’s ITV news source… “My 20’s were horrible. My 30’s are great! You know exactly who you are,” she is quoted as saying. Yes, all grown up, ameliorated in her craft, and seemingly more self-assured in every aspect of life. The Britney we see today is a person who not only ‘knows’, but also ‘likes’ the woman she has become. She’s an artist with a very public existence; however, behind the curtain (away from the bright lights), she is void of the freshman disease to please everyone. Rather, she understands that what she naturally brings to the table (by way of self-acceptance), is the most rewarding gift of all.

For those of you fortunate enough to catch one of Britney’s shows, allow our team to assure you… you won’t be disappointed! What you will see is certain to make you proud. On the other hand, what you will not see – is a Pop-Princess attempting to balance a snake on her shoulders (thankfully, the development of self is still the best tool for enlightenment). Instead, you can expect to witness the mastery of timeless vocals paired with tasteful choreography – set to music that sparks nostalgia (as we figuratively lift Britney onto our shoulders). It’s a show that is certain to leave you wanting more. Major kudos and props to ‘Brit’ for taking her career to monumental heights amid the Vegas night-life. Like, what more can she accomplish, you ask? With a hit song that demands ‘work’ it’s hard to tell, but we know she’s up to something.

With a lucrative residency slowly crawling to a close on December 31, 2017, it stands to reason that theatre buffs may soon be chanting [Oops!… She Did it Again?] as her name scrolls across a grand marque, once more. This time, for Broadway! That’s right, the celebrity buzz hints at Britney’s legendary music catalog taking a melodramatic shift, as it gears up to play itself out onstage as a fictional narrative (not a biographical re-telling of her life, although fans remain hopeful).

I don’t know who they could cast as Britney, but I can imagine the Broadway theater being filled to capacity. Audience members are at the edge of their seats with wide-eyed curiosity (hoping she’ll come out and sing a few songs). With each passing second, the audience grows more restless. Soon, the red curtains retract on both sides – to reveal a lone circus ring. The music blares and the hearts of the crowd pound with excitement. All the while, it becomes irrelevant who’ll step out front to sing, because (in the spirit of Broadway diva, ‘Roxie Hart’), the name on everybody’s lips is gonna be… BRITNEY!