For this month of October 2017, here are 5 of my personal Lifestyle Philosophies that I routinely apply to my life as it continues to evolve and unfold…

  1. Never let them know what you are thinking unless what you are thinking is what they truly and duly need to know.
  2. You are Smarter, Stronger and more Worthy than they think you are, so the advantage goes to you. Rise up, make your moves, show and prove.
  3. In order for you to ‘BE ANYTHING’ beyond your present self; You first have to ‘BELIEVE’ in yourself.
  4. What may initially seem like a setback in life may in all actuality be a Brand New Start in life… Your perception of events and circumstances is a key component of your functioning lifestyle.
  5. It’s not easy being you but someone has to be, and without a doubt; you are the absolute best person for the job of being you.

May you be enlightened on this day, and may you be blessed for all remaining days to come.