Well, the time has come for each of us to begin assessing our goals and reflecting on our achievements for 2017. A time for some of us to openly celebrate our accomplishments – while others cringe at the reality of having a few weeks left to attain what seems oddly aloof. And if we’re being perfectly honest, it’s imperative that we set aside time (during this season of Thanksgiving), to show accountability for what we ‘did’ or ‘did not’ fulfill in 2017.

In the dwindling weeks ahead, there will be juggernauts of introspection, that pose some of the more necessary questions that serve to keep us on track: Did you accomplish what you set out to? What lessons did you learn this year? What can you do to improve efficiency? What is your bottom line, or why haven’t you developed one?

For those who nailed their goals spot-on in 2017, congratulations are in order (BRAVO… GREAT JOB!); however, there are others who are considerably less enthusiastic, because they may not have fared as well. The good thing is, there’s hope. In fact, there’s a secret that can benefit both sides of the entrepreneurial fence. This ‘secret’ is found within the pages of the #1 Bestseller: “THE SECRET COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY”, penned by world-renowned TV Business Expert, Syndicated Columnist, Strategic Alliance Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, and International #1 Best-selling author ‘Marsha Wright‘ (Queen of the Twitterverse). This 7-chapter gem is designed to set the stage for your success, by giving you proven advice from an expert in income generation, asset attraction, net-worth preservation, sales & marketing strategy and brand-positioning.

What you will learn from Marsha’s written business tutorial, are the keys to obtaining more clients, more exposure and more profit—FASTER. Mrs. Wright is someone who insists that we stand bold and THINK BIG as we take our quantum leap. And as you are aware, Marsha has a Twitter event that takes place every Sunday – #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha (@marshawright), that meets us where we are, with realistic conversations that spark new opportunities and ‘partner-tunities’ in business.

Her weekly event kicks off each Sunday as the clock strikes 12, and has become a preferred resource for countless business owners who appreciate the art of enterprise. In addition to receiving professional tidbits for success during her Sunday-Twitter-Slay-Day, we get the chance to see (first hand) the manner in which a true business mogul should execute gratitude above gain. Yes, she’s successful, and she grinds like nobody’s business; but, she’s also equally generous in her efforts to give our visions a boost.

This spotlight on Marsha Wright, is a note of thanks for a woman who gives so much to so many. The question is: How can theTZelement.com community show their appreciation for the knowledge Marsha imparts? The answer is simple. There is no better compliment than education, preparation, and implementation of what she shares with us. For friends and followers of theTZelement.com – who have success stories to share, we want to hear from you (especially via Twitter @TZelementMAG, and don’t forget to tag @marshawright), and let the world know about your quantum leap.

If you haven’t purchased your copy of “The Secret Collective Economy”, or signed up through Marsha’s website for your free e-book – ‘Golden Minutes With Marsha’, you’re probably thinking it’s too late, right? NOPE! You’re in luck. You may very well have less than 8-weeks left in 2017, but you’re never too late to learn something new that reinforces your brand. So, if you’re reading this article and thinking… T.J., I don’t know if I have time to read another book, I’m already up to my ears in self-help and how-to manuals: allow me to remind you – Marsha Wright is aggressively shepherding our business plans with no-nonsense leadership. She practically owns Twitter each Sunday with how-to tools and go-to rules for doing business boldly. Pray tell, if an international businesswoman can take the time to nurture our dreams, why can’t we?

We can each appreciate the fact that individuals define and achieve success at different stages of their lives. So, if you’re reading this message of POSITIVITY, and you’re serious about rising to the next level of your destiny—stop procrastinating and READ THE BOOK! Do your part to get to the next stage because Marsha will undoubtedly move into 2018 with more knowledge, confidence and wealth. Her ‘m.o.’ for mega success involves creating her own lane, enjoying the ride and giving back to her fellow man. As you take a closer look at what you’re thankful for this year, THINK BIG about who you’ll gift your entrepreneurial inheritance to: then, get motivated about the blueprint for your legacy.

Our media team is thankful for your continued support of theTZelement Magazine, and bid each of you a safe and joyful Holiday Season. From our hearts to yours … Behold, Be Bold and Be Blessed!