World! There’s a breakout star who’s having more than just a stellar year. Ahemmm! As of late, she’s having a stellar life. She’s one of the most clever shoot-first comedians Hollywood has ever seen, and her name is Tiffany Haddish.

Now, if by some small wonder you haven’t heard the buzz swarming Tiffany’s new-found fame, this spotlight should work nicely to fill in the blanks. Who is ‘Tiffany Sarac Haddish’, you ask? Well, impressively enough, she’s one of the zaniest performers in the comedy game right now; who, contrary to popular belief – did not become a household name overnight. Haddish has actually been working the comedy circuit for nearly a decade. Yet, her role in the critically acclaimed mother of all event-movies, ‘Girls Trip’ – 2017 (co-starring: Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Queen Latifah), is what seems to have tickled moviegoers up one side (with innuendo), and pounded them happily down the other (with punchlines). And get this, the movie unfolds while four sister-ties are down in the Big Easy reconnecting (please note: what happened in NOLA, stayed in NOLA).

And if that’s not impressive enough; the producer of her very own SHOWTIME comedy special ‘Tiffany Haddish: She Ready!’ – recently made SNL history, as the first African-American female to serve as host for the career vaulting late nite franchise. Hmmm, still not too impressed? Well, over the summer, Haddish appeared in Jay-Z’s “Moonlight” video alongside “Carmichael Show” co-stars: ‘Carmichael’, ‘Lil Rel’, and “Insecure” co-creator and star ‘Issa Rae’ (seriously, Issa and Jay?). Tiff, you’re admittedly the last black unicorn, but right about now your tail is on fiyahhhhh!

Now, just as there’s a public side to behold, there’s often a not-so-pretty undercurrent that lies beneath the jokes of most comedians. It’s not something most artists are comfortable discussing openly, but it seems Haddish has learned the art of cleverly working her less than perfect start into her stand-up routine. In fact, Tiffany tells it like it is: good, bad or different.

During one of her earlier attempts to cover-up a financial hardship (you know, the kind fellow comedians can spot from a Jersey mile); she found herself halted dead in her tracks in a moment of truth. As she recalls, she was working a local comedy venue, the same night as fellow comedian Kevin Hart, when he noticed something about Haddish seemed a bit out of sorts. Not knowing whether he was right, he instinctively fired off the first question that came to mind: one that would change the course of her life. “Tiff, are you living out of your car?”… questioned Hart. Figuring his suspicions were right, Kevin offered to help. Although reluctant to show signs of vulnerability, Haddish later came clean and accepted Hart’s offer of sincerity. “Look, here’s $300. I want you to get yourself a hotel room for a few nights, and while you’re there write down what you want out of life; because, whatever you write down, you can make happen,” Kevin suggested. And, as a result of believing that anything is possible, Tiffany went right to work on sharpening her focus. Before long her dreams began to take flight. As her faith grew, so went the professional opportunities. Ergo, positive strides yield positive results from positive minds.

“Certain things should be yours to have when you work your way to the top.”
— Redd Foxx

Tiffany Haddish shattered the odds that were stacked against her, simply by dreaming and believing. Now, executives are beating down her door for the chance to have Haddish put up staggering box office numbers to fulfill their dreams.

‘Boo-Boo Jeffries’ (SNL nod), you’re a class act that epitomizes fortitude! You were willing to learn the one thing most of us clumsily and repeatedly overlook: Whatever your intention, that’s exactly where you’re going to land.

Ms. Tiffany Haddish, our team at Mag can hardly wait to witness the manifestation of what’s left on your list. This celebrity spotlight is our way of celebrating your courage to go after what you deserve, amid the struggle. May you continue to be an inspiration for others to press forward, despite what we perceive as challenges or impossibilities. And should you ever need an added dose of support, there’s an abundance of positive vibes at the heart of community.

We see you Tiffany Haddish… KEEP RISING & SHINING!