In all probability, the busier your lifestyle is, the greater the chance that your body itself is sleep deprived, and although you might somehow function productively with little to no sleep at all as you rely on coffee, tea, and energy drinks to help keep you energized; you are still hindering and offsetting vitally important processes that need to occur and only occur when you are in deep sleep mode for a necessary period of time.

Sleep plays an important role in weight management as it helps to favorably regulate chemical and hormone levels and in muscle repair; you tear muscle fibers in the gym and you repair/grow stronger muscle while you’re sleeping.  Your recovery, your recuperation, and your repair times are incredibly crucial aspects to your fitness goal success, especially on the days that you actually do exercise/workout.

Sleeping may be just as crucial as you working out, and if that is indeed the case then the importance of sleep in relation to fitness cannot be overstated and it could be the one factor that is actually hindering you from making your fitness goal a fitness reality.


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