HANDS UP—who’s in favor of seeing our girl ‘Jill Scott’ star in the CW’s version of ‘Black Lightning’? Alright-Alright, WE SEE YOU, and we agree! Not only do we see your hands, we encourage you to keep them in the air, and just pump your fist…like…this! theTZelement spotlight is shining on an artist who won’t tolerate anything “Gettin’ In The Way” of her success, especially when she has the support of her hometown (North Philly) providing an unwavering backdrop to her domineering foreground.

Jill Scott, the American Grammy-winning multi-hyphenate who gave us such timeless hits as “A Long Walk Home” and “Hate On Me” – is set to jolt the DC comic classic “Black Lightning” with a convincing surge of black girl magic. In her portrayal of ‘Lady Eve’ (a villainous member of the Kobra Cult), Scott will become a dark and nefarious force – capable of daring deeds that place her at the helm of comic scoundrel mayhem.

Born in the DC universe, a metahuman appears with superhuman abilities. He’s a high school principal from the crime-ridden Suicide Slums of Metropolis, who acquires unique electrical super-powers from a technologically advanced power belt he wears (disguised as Black Lightning). As a member of the Kobra Cult, the beautiful yet evil ‘Lady Eve’ helps cast a net of mind control over high ranking officials of the US Army, just long enough to allow a defense program satellite to be stolen (and used to blackmail the government); however, the plan gets foiled when Black Lightning learns of the plot.

In the 41-year evolution of the historical DC comic classic, Black Lightning has established itself as an Earth-1 DC comic book favorite, and with the CW bringing it back to television, it will be just like the late 1970’s all over again (a time when we relied more on imagination than innovation). The CW is to be commended for offering a noteworthy reboot to honor this classic series. Not to take anything away from their efforts, but Jill’s attachment to the installments may have a lot to do with the over-the-top buzz currently fueling excitement surrounding the project (set to air late Summer 2018).

Sources close to the set indicate the CW is trying something new with Jill’s character. They’re giving Lady Eve a tenuous on-screen makeover. Instead of relying too heavily on her traditional reptilian appearance (to signal when her character is about to strike), Lady Eve will appear as a businesswoman who owns a funeral parlor. We’re not going to give the plot away entirely; however, fans should get their popcorn ready, because if we’ve learned anything about Jill’s creative process and project selection over the years – it’s to expect the unexpected. As we’re watching at the edge of our seats, her character will come into conflict with Black Lightning (actor Cress Williams), and she’s certain to regain her scales and manipulate all manner of evil as the story unfolds.

Jill Scott - Black Lightning

Our team is so incredibly proud of Jill Scott for her ability to reprise the role of this character, and give it the Northern Philadelphia stamp of ‘performance excellence’ only she can offer. Hardcore Jill Scott fans are in for a real treat with this one, and loyal comic devotees are in for an epic retconned (retroactive continuity) thriller they won’t soon forget. As we watch Jill slay and take names, let’s celebrate this accomplishment by allowing her display of performance mastery to motivate each of us to reach new levels of excellence, and push past perceived barriers that serve as roadblocks to success. Jill Scott is masterful in her craft (to say the least); however, her display of premier talent is not merely for the superficial attainment of peer applause, accolades, and awards. Jill finds ways to win because that’s how she’s wired (whether she shines in Black Lightning, or blesses us with sold-out stage performances).

She lives a transparent life of truth through her music, and through every project to which she attaches her celebrity. She has a rich legacy in the entertainment game – that all but insists we view her success as both a baton and a ray of light. May her new-found network success give us the confidence to open doors of opportunity and realize levels of achievement perceived as untouchable or impossible. Hardly a villain in her craft, Jill Scott is a modern day legend who deserves to be celebrated for the movement of insistence she is creating with her unrelenting work ethic and illustrious body of work.

Ms. Scott, as you prepare to soon celebrate your 46th birthday—earthday, we celebrate you and wish you many-many more. May you revel in the imminent success of current and future projects and continue living your life like it’s “Golden” amid every measure of success you so richly deserve.