Mother’s Day 2018 is here, and TZelement MAG takes great pride in honoring the women who give the most—and ask the least!

To celebrate motherhood – is to offer an appreciation for the impact mothers have on our society. Not too long ago, Mother’s Day was slated for the launch of political agendas that spoke to the rights of women’s groups, as well as the need for equal rights and access to childcare. Now-a-days, in an effort to show proper appreciation for the role women have played in history, the home, office and around the world – we often attempt to honor mothers with luxurious gifts; however, we may want to fully consider giving back to them what they naturally embody and present to the world (the gift of LOVE).

Mother’s are teachers and nurturers who glean joy from pouring into those around them. The nurturing essence of a mother carries with it the blueprint for unconditional love, truth, and sacrifice. Through the unique offerings extended to us through motherhood, we are encouraged to live our best life. As the effectual love of a mother shapes who we ultimately become, it’s important to show gratitude for the manner in which a mother will work to move heaven and earth – to ensure the terrain for her child’s success is made smooth.

A mother’s love impacts the world beyond all physical aspects of her existence. Through the manner in which she is fashioned, we understand that she is more than a soft place for warmth and comfort when the world grows cold. Mothers are more than band-aid bandits, motivational speakers and cake bosses. Mothers are creative forces in our universe, who insist on family traditions for more than the mere appearance of commercialized joy. Moms are memory-makers who carve images into our mind that should not be erased. Their love and laughter serve as landmarks branded by weights and depths of emotion for which there is no tangible equivalent.

Mothers (and mother-figures) are special women by all accounts, cultures, and customs. Although tasked with the gift of being a vital life-force everyone can see, each woman has a personal story she recounts privately – as a way of granting memories created with her children room enough to swell. Her personal tears are often masked, in order to provide a courageous countenance of comfort and compassion for her family. Yes. We say to these women, we understand your sacrifices; we remember that you are someone’s first love, spouse, daughter, sister, neighbor, accountability partner, and friend. The diamond-clad reputation of a mother is valiantly protected from any verbal disrespect carelessly hurled on schoolyards. Yes, dear mothers, your essence even rules the playground!

Mothers, you revel in the notion of being your child’s first teacher, challenger, and the most selfless medium through which wisdom is offered and received. So, it seems only fitting, that our team at the TZelement MAG offers a sentiment to your experience of nurturing an off-sprung seed.

If we could, we would give back
every breath you’ve ever taken,
and share each that we yet breathe.
Happy Mother’s Day!