Sincerely; I want to thank everyone (God, Jesus Christ, my mother Catherine, family and friends, the readers, the interviewees, the companies and the organizations, the writers, media team, and support team) who has helped our magazine to grow in positivity and popularity since the beginning of its creation and it’s public introduction in January 2016. Many changes have taken place over the course of time but the premise of POSITIVITY has and will always remain.

Your belief and support of our magazine as a legitimate and beneficial media source has set the stage for us to go from being presented and available only online to now also being presented and available as a digital download and as a printed publication.

The May magazine issue is our ‘All Interviews – Special Issue’ and it is the official jump-off printed magazine issue which features the 10 past interviews that I had the wonderful opportunity of personally conducting with some talented, accomplished and notable individuals in their own right.

As each ongoing monthly magazine issue unfolds, we’ll present you with more categories/topics of interest for your enjoyment, enlightenment, and possible benefit.

I hope you will help us share the positivity by informing others. And remember, we are here to help you and those who you know make some positive noise, so please be encouraged to send us your positive news stories, announcements, press releases, scheduled events, etc for review and possible presentation in an issue of our magazine.

God Bless you all!

ZeZor DeForce a.k.a Trainer Z
Chief Editor