You don’t have to confine yourself to the gym and the performance of the same exercise routine, there are many health and fitness benefits that you can reap from exercising outdoors.

Break away from the physical and mental monotony and counter some emotional stress and depression in the process. When you do get out there and exercise outside, even if it happens to be at the same place, each day and each session tends to bring forth some renewed motivation since the weather and the general surroundings will always be somewhat different than the last time.

If your norm is such that you’re usually in the gym performing on the cardio machines then your activities and performance outdoors and on various terrains will help to promote muscle confusion which in turn will help your body to burn more body fat.

And of course, the health and fitness benefits of breathing in the fresh outside air is far superior to breathing in the recycled air you get from inside of a building. Fresh air can give you more energy so that you perform stronger and longer.

So go ahead and do yourself and your body a great favor by taking full advantage and benefit of the warmer weather and the great outdoors.

GET It Outside and Work It Out!


Fitness Disclaimer: The fitness content provided by Trainer Z and ‘the TZ element’ is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and is not to be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific course of action. Fitness is not without risks. It is strongly suggested that you consult a physician before performing any fitness exercises, or adhering to any fitness program or eating suggestions.

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