As we all know, obesity rates are on the rise so, how can we incorporate wiser choices to eat healthier. We all know it is hard to stay on a regimen, but the key to weight loss success is creating balance. As I always say; life is full of hurdles, but we must find alternate routes to create ways to generate happiness and a complete wellness in our lives. I wanted to share some healthy tips while traveling to aid in keeping you on track with nutrition & fitness goals.

Here Are Some Key Tips To help You While Dining Out:

  • When dining out choose the lunch size option vs the dinner menu option. Watch your fullness cue- you can always get a to-go container to bring along to your hotel for the next day. If the portion is overwhelming, consider portioning out one meal between two of you to cut calories and still enjoy the meal you want.
  • Scan the menu for healthy side selections to substitute such as a side salad, vegetables, or fruit. I tend to stay away from soups as unsure of sodium amount and along with my food allergies, I must even be careful as to what spices are added to the meal.
  • Select grilled vs fried and asking for no mayo, low-fat dressing, even a side of yogurt would be a perfect selection or have it on the side.
  • As I always say, a girl just needs a burger every now and then, so I select it without no bun on a salad with no cheese, of course, due to my dairy allergy. Restaurants are adding gluten-free buns as an upcharge to aid in our food allergies as another option.
  • The best situations are when you have a salad bar to add an additional amount of vegetables to your burger to fill you up faster and give you the nutrients needed for our bodies.
  • Fish is a great protein source, along with good fats, which makes it an easy option if you are opting for the baked or grilled with no cream sauce added to the plate. Protein helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels and benefiting our concentration levels.
  • Another big way to save is – just order water, coffee, or tea…. Besides most of the time, I am too dehydrated to consider wine. You need a beneficial amount of water to keep your energy level up, fuel for your muscles and recover faster.
  • Even having water bottles accessible, I tend to get easily dehydrated because either water is not readily available or climate changes that provide our bodies with a different humidity level.

I keep hearing it is better because it is a dry heat. Well, 125 degrees is insane when I was in Death Valley, CA. I would rather be out in 50 below weather, living in MN. I guess my point is always taking a beneficial amount of water with you, staying hydrated is key for your health and for our bodies to maintain appropriate levels. Keep away from what I call, Fufu drinks like lattes or soda, they tend to be a sugar and cream factory that will only add to your calories and low energy level later.

Healthy Tip: Add your favorite fruit to water, lime, lemon, cucumber, etc. to increase taste if you have a hard time consuming the 8-10 glasses of water per day.

In conclusion, starting with baby steps is success, because you are further than most and seeing results keeps you moving forward to continuing your path to a healthy lifestyle. Try substituting one item from your meal and see the difference it makes in your satiety and energy. If you look at eating healthy as overwhelming, you are just adding stress to the equation and remember the best strategy is all in moderation.

As always consult your health professional. I hope this article finds you in good health.

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