Singer/Songwriter ‘Todd Barrow’ – is a Fort Worth native who just flat out loves music! He has acquired a reputation for being an incredible musician and songwriter, who is comfortable with almost every genre set to euphony. After meeting his now close friend Sonny Burgess, country music became the focal point for Todd. He began his music career at an early age, and has become a skilled musician with some rather noteworthy performances [RCA dome – Teen Challenge event) CCM David Meece; Anejos House of Tequila with Sonny Burgess/CMA; The Prophet Bar (formerly Gypsy Tea Room); Open Bell Coffee House (Dallas)].

As an entertainer with reputable memberships (which include, but are not limited to: Harry Fox Agency, Texas Music Office, BMI, Fort Worth songwriter’s Association and British Country Music Association), Todd humbly revels in the support and comradery of his peers and his adoring fans. Charley Pride and others took notice that Todd had a gift to share with listeners in a brilliant way, and it goes without saying—the rest of us second that acknowledgment of a man who commands performance with power and purpose. As one who has excelled to the top of his craft (performing crazy-fun-country music), he is admired for humbly embracing superstardom (and its reliance on the ability to wow fans, and endear oneself to them).

Through mastery of his craft, Todd has proven he lives his gift of song with a sense of intention – which connects the essence of his lyrical message to the hearts of audiences around the world. “If I can put a smile on someone’s face through song, well… that just means the world to me.”What’s next? Only Coco knows, but we suspect another album is around the corner for this artist!

TZelement MAG: What positive message would you share with someone who’s struggling with low self-esteem and/or social acceptance?
Todd: Be the best you; there is only one fingerprint like it! Find your gift and develop it, and help someone along life’s journey.

TZelement MAG: If granted the authority, what 3 things would you change in the world?
Todd: Hunger, disease, and people getting along with each other.

TZelement MAG: What makes your musical style unique?
Todd: My genre is ‘Country’ – which is a blend of classic, traditional and new country all bundled as one. My music is very heartfelt and genuine. Willie Nelson says … “3 chords and the truth, now that’s a country song!”

TZelement MAG: What are some of the challenges you have faced in trying to ascend to greater heights within the music industry?
Todd: Ascending to greater heights is a true work in progress. Challenges come when you are trying to be real in this industry and take off the mask. Being ordinary, but also extraordinary. I find that new music can pose a threat to others who want much of the same.

You can preview and purchase Todd’s music directly from his website at You can also preview and purchase Todd’s music on Itunes, Spotify and Amazon. Contact Todd via email: [email protected], Connect with Todd on Twitter: @BarrowTodd

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