Carolyn Bridget Kennedy is a Canadian actress, writer and producer living in Los Angeles. Her achievements have garnered her a Visa to work in the United States in these fields. She is the creative force behind her production company, Demure Duchess Pictures. After a long career as a paralegal, in 2012 Carolyn created a one-woman webseries, “The Bridget Linden Show”. There are 125 episodes, which have 980,000+ views on YouTube.

In 2015 Carolyn created her first scripted comedy webseries “Danger Pay”, about a paralegal who works for a bizarre lawyer, for which she is the writer, producer, and lead actress. For her portrayal of Michelle, she won awards for Leading Actress from IndieFEST Film Awards (California) and Accolade Global Film Competition (California) and was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy at LA WEBFEST (California). The series won Best Sketch Comedy at Asia Web Awards (Korea) and an Award of Merit from Elevation Indie Film Awards (Ireland). It was nominated for Best Pilot at WebFest Montreal; Best Fiction Web Series at the Alberta Film and Television Awards; and Best Ensemble Cast at Asia Web Awards (Korea). In addition, Danger Pay was accepted or screened at Los Angeles Film Awards; Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards; Roma Web Fest; Web Series Festival Global Hollywood; Web Fest New York; Miami Web Series Festival; Los Angeles Cinefest; and Austin Revolution Film Festival.

Carolyn has been cast in other productions which are listed in IMDb and continues to create her own projects, including feature films and television series. She trains at Beverly Hills Playhouse, Upright Citizens Brigade and The Groundlings in Los Angeles. She is a Celebrity Spokesperson for Auxilia Italia, an international charitable organization focused on assisting women and children internationally. She has overcome personal obstacles, including losing over 110 pounds. Her perseverance, down to earth nature and unique sense of humor have earned her a strong following on social media. She has attracted international attention and been featured in online publications, print magazines, talk shows, podcasts and radio shows around the globe.

Here is our ‘Spotlight Interview’ with Carolyn Bridget Kennedy:

Trainer Z: What are some of the personal accomplishments you are most proud of?
Carolyn: I lost over 110 pounds and have kept it off for over 20 years. Also, after becoming interested in acting, rather than waiting for roles to come to me, I took the initiative of creating my own projects and writing my own roles. This has given me a way to showcase my talents in acting, writing and producing, and led to me receiving an O-1 Visa to work in the United States in all three of these fields. I worked my way up in the industry and am proud to be a Canadian who is now living in Los Angeles. I have set goals and ultimately I am paving my own way on what I want to accomplish and on where I want to go in life.

Trainer Z: You are a serious Triple Threat as you are an Actress, Writer, and Producer. What are some professional career accomplishments you are most proud of?
Carolyn: I am very proud of my comedy webseries Danger Pay, and my short comedy film, Super Speed Dates. I wrote, produced and starred in both of these projects. Together, these projects have garnered 34 laurels from film festivals around the globe, including Winner of Best Original Story, Best Sketch Comedy and two Awards of Recognition for Lead Actress. I am also proud of my first comedy webseries, The Bridget Linden Show. I wrote, produced, directed and starred in 125 episodes, which have approximately 1 Million views on YouTube.

Trainer Z: What is the one word you would use to define yourself, and why?
Carolyn: Persevering: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Trainer Z: Our magazine is all about POSITIVITY. What positive message could you share with someone who’s struggling with self-esteem and/or social acceptance?
Carolyn: Worrying about social acceptance doesn’t help your goal. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Apply yourself daily with ongoing perseverance. Every day, accept that each of your small steps is moving you forward in the right direction and over time will add up to a big step forward. Achieving an inner peace and comfort in one’s own skin will change how others see you. Accepting those things you cannot change and working to change and improve the things you can is a very freeing way to live life.

Trainer Z: What attracted you to begin a career as an actress?
Carolyn: I worked as a paralegal for over 20 years. In 2011, a friend told me that he thought I was funny and that he could see me on television. It wasn’t an instant realization that this is what I wanted to do, but it did plant the seed in my mind. A short while later I took my first acting workshop. I was cast in a background role and found that I really enjoyed the experience of being on set. While I was creating my first webseries “The Bridget Linden Show”, I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process and I was hooked.

Trainer Z: When and what was your first role as an actress?
Carolyn: My first role as an actress was in my own production, a comedy webseries I created called “The Bridget Linden Show”. I wrote, produced, directed and starred in 125 episodes which have approximately 1 Million views on YouTube. My first role in someone else’s production was in the TV series “Off Screen”. I played “Lindsay”, an actress who is flying high on her recent career success and is not afraid to share her joy in front of an actors’ support group, which is designed to help actors quit acting.

Trainer Z: Where did you receive your training as an actor or actress?
Carolyn: I initially trained in Calgary, Alberta at various acting schools. I have also trained with a private coach/mentor for the past four years. Currently, I am training in Los Angeles at Beverly Hills Playhouse, Upright Citizens Brigade, The Groundlings and Scott Sedita Acting Studios. I believe that it is very important for an actor to always be working on their craft and honing their skills.

Trainer Z: Why do you feel that acting is the ideal profession for you?
Carolyn: I enjoy exploring and discovering the character both inside the text and inside me. I love creating. It’s an amazing experience to bring a character to life. Starting with the writer’s words, you then add your personal touch and create a unique and compelling character that only you can make.

Trainer Z: If not an actress, what would be the ideal profession for you?
Carolyn: Rather than waiting to be cast in someone else’s productions, I decided to be proactive and write my own. So, out of both love and necessity, I am also a writer and producer. It is a tremendous creative outlet that I cherish. Coincidentally, creating something also provides a platform to showcase my writing as well as my acting.

Trainer Z: What kind of acting roles do you prefer?
Carolyn: I prefer acting roles that showcase strong female characters, especially those with a sense of humor. I enjoy traditional comedic roles like those found in sitcoms or comedy films. But I also enjoy dramatic roles where comedic relief is used to offset the heaviness that dramas can contain.

Trainer Z: What’s your all-time favorite movie?
Carolyn: I have two all-time favorite movies (it’s hard to compare when they are in different genres). My favorite comedy is “Meet the Parents”. My favorite drama is “Shawshank Redemption”.

Trainer Z: If you could step back in time; who’s the one actor or actress who is no longer with us that you would most want to perform with?
Carolyn: Robin Williams.

Trainer Z: Who are your top 5 actresses?
Carolyn: Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Amy Schumer, Mindy Kaling, Kristen Wiig.

Trainer Z: If you could change just one thing about the film industry, what would it be?
Carolyn: I would like to see more women in key creative roles such as writing, producing and directing. Women have great stories to tell.

Trainer Z: What words of advice can you give to aspiring actors and actresses?
Carolyn: Go for it! If you have a creative calling, it is important that you follow it and explore it. Focus on your art and the craft and do not concern yourself with the negative opinions of others. Don’t censor your art or “tone it down” or try to change it to please everyone – you will never do that, and in the end, your work will be boring and bland. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and support you in your creative endeavors. Believe in yourself.

Be prepared for an industry that rarely provides you with any validation. There is a tremendous amount of rejection in this industry. Realize this and accept it. Celebrate each victory and success, no matter how small. Have faith that whatever you are doing is moving you forward, even if there is no objective indication that it is. Don’t give yourself a time limit. This is a lifelong commitment with no finish line in sight.

Trainer Z: Now that’s great advice from a pro in the know. Now; let’s talk fitness. Please share with us some specific details about your current workout routine. What type of exercises, how many days per week do you exercise, and how long are your exercise/workout sessions?
Carolyn: I currently exercise six days a week (of course, as my schedule permits). I alternate between two types of training: one day is long distance cardio, the other is cardio and weight training. For three of the days, I do one hour of long distance cardio on the elliptical. This one hour is done in intervals, based on my heart rate. On the alternating three days, I do 35 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, with a different type of interval training. This is then followed by about 20 – 30 minutes of full body weight training with little to no rest between sets. This averages about an hour of training on each of the six days.

Trainer Z: What specific fitness goal(s) are you currently focused on?
Carolyn: I focus on increasing tone and definition, as well as overall maintenance of good health, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

Trainer Z: What genres of music or current songs do you listen to while you’re working out?
Carolyn: I like to listen to all kinds of music while working out. Depending on my mood, it can vary from classic rock to hip-hop. Lately, I have enjoyed listening to the Classic Hip Hop and Funk Radio stations on Apple Radio. If the music makes me want to dance, that makes it a great choice.

Trainer Z: What foods do you consume within your typical fitness day?
Carolyn: I follow a very clean diet. I eat 5 – 6 small meals daily. Typically, I will have a protein shake first thing in the morning before going to the gym. Post-workout, I enjoy either a high protein smoothie prepared in my Vitamix, or I have a great recipe for a high-fiber gluten-free flax muffin which takes one minute in the microwave. Lunch and supper are generally high protein meals, with low-sugar fruit and/or vegetables, combined with some form of essential fat. I usually have a protein bar or another protein shake for a mid-afternoon snack. I loosely follow the basic principles of the Zone Diet and avoid foods that contain gluten or have a high-glycemic index.

Trainer Z: I often tell people that one of the key elements for staying consistent with working out is accountability. Who keeps you accountable for working out routinely?
Carolyn: I am accountable to myself for working out consistently. It takes ongoing effort to maintain a healthy weight and overall good health. Having lost 110 pounds through hard work and discipline, maintaining this achievement provides me with plenty of motivation.

Trainer Z: What words of encouragement can you share with people who struggle to consistently make fitness a part of their lifestyle?
Carolyn: I view fitness as part of my daily routine and self-care, just as brushing one’s teeth. I schedule in time for my workouts and make it a priority. I view my time to go to the gym as important as any other appointment. If I don’t stay committed to myself and my routine, I am only cheating myself. You only have one body, so make a commitment to yourself to be your personal best when it comes to your physical health. You owe it to yourself.

Trainer Z: What outdoor sports do you enjoy playing?
Carolyn: I enjoy taking long walks outside. I also enjoy going on hikes, cycling, golfing and fly fishing.

Trainer Z: What indoor hobbies do you enjoy most?
Carolyn: I enjoy playing board games and card games (like Catan, Pandemic, Tile Rummy, Texas Hold’em Poker, Cribbage, and Canasta), as well as playing darts, and shooting pool. I like to listen to podcasts like Tim Ferriss and The Nerdist as I find it motivating to listen to other creatives discussing their path to success, including sharing their obstacles and their victories. I also enjoy reading and listening to audiobooks.


– Personality and Lifestyle Questions for Carolyn –

The questions and answers listed below will give us an insightful glimpse into Carolyn’s personality and lifestyle. How well can you relate to her?

Extrovert or Introvert?
– Both – I’m a chatty nerd.

Christmas or Thanksgiving?
– Christmas – It includes presents.

Easter or Halloween?
– Easter – Both have chocolate, but I like the Easter Bunny.

City Lifestyle or Country Lifestyle?
– City Lifestyle

African Safari or Tropical Retreat?
– Tropical Retreat – Palm trees, sand and surf.

Crossword Puzzles or Jigsaw Puzzles?
– Crossword Puzzles – This is a weekend ritual.

Board Games or Video Games?
– Board Games – See nerd comment above.

Card Games or Dominoes?
– Card Games – When I am in Vegas, I spend many hours in the poker room.

Comedies or Horror Movies?
– Comedies – I love to laugh.

Comedy Club or Music Lounge?
– Comedy Club

Cartoons or Movies?
– Movies

Batman or Superman?
– Neither. Watch my short comedy film “Super Speed Dates” on YouTube for my reasons why.

Dresses or Pants?
– Dresses

Shorts or Skirts?
– Skirts

Shoes or Sneakers?
– Shoes – but, I abhor socks.

Bicycling or Rollerblading/Skating?
– Bicycling

Casino Tables or Slot Machines?
– Casino Tables – I love playing Texas Hold’em Poker

Golf Course or Miniature Golf?
– Golf Course

Bowling or Shooting Pool?
– Shooting Pool

Candle Light Dinners or Picnics?
– Both – Candle Light Dinners at night, and Picnics during the day.

Pizza or Tacos?
– These are my two favorites; Pizza!

Crab Legs or Lobster Tails?
– Lobster Tails

Scallops or Shrimps?
– Scallops

Beer or Wine?
– Wine

Coffee or Tea?
– Double Espresso

Candy or Gum?
– Gum

Brownies or Cookies?
– Cookies – My favorite kind is my homemade gluten-free almond butter chocolate chip cookies

Apples or Bananas?
– Apples

Mangos or Peaches?
– Mangos

Cherries or Grapes?
– Cherries – Although I occasionally have grapes in liquid form.

Blueberries or Strawberries?
– Blueberries

Pancakes or Waffles?
– Waffles


Trainer Z: There you have it; she is Carolyn Bridget Kennedy! Thank you once again Carolyn, for taking time out to share with us.

Contact and Connect with Carolyn via the following:
– Website:
– Twitter: @CarolynBKennedy
– Facebook: @CarolynBridgetKennedy
– Instagram: @CarolynBKennedy
– IMDb:

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