Here it is! Another exceptional year in television, tagged with masterful storytelling, phenomenal acting and important strides of inclusion; and now, we’re waiting with baited breath for the highly anticipated celebration of excellence (that’s just over the horizon). On September 17th, the Emmy-cast will celebrate the best and most compelling performances in daytime and prime-time (Microsoft Theater, L.A.), and yes, our team will be watching.

As the Television Academy lifts the veil of acknowledgment for premiere performances, TZelement MAG would like to launch a celebration of its own. Yes—in the spirit of recognition and appreciation, our team would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to acknowledge the most dynamic aspect of our creative public press. As the red carpet is rolled out – we offer a symbolic citation to the consistency and support that makes the TZelement Community a valued asset to our team. What our internal team understands beyond everything else – is that readers have instant access to publication choices worldwide. Yet, each day you choose positivity. You choose TZelement MAG, and for that—we’re grateful. We understand how vital your support is to our brand, and we know that we can’t exist without you. So, in addition to offering new issues of what you’ve grown to love, TZelement MAG wants to make it known that our readers and subscribers play the leading role in our success.

As a fixture in media publication, you’ve invited us into your homes and offices around the world. As we celebrate each measure of success, we celebrate with the best audience a performer could hope for (because of you, we shine). And no measure of support is too small; whether you obtain issues of our magazine at the suggestion of a friend from time to time; you routinely earmark certain aspects of an issue as a ‘Fav’; or you sit quietly, and read all issues from cover-to-cover (Editorial Message, Entertainment, Fitness Focus, Indie Introductions, Life & Lifestyle), we want you to know – we value and respect your sense of commitment.

It is with great honor, that our team expresses gratitude for those who make our work both possible and meaningful. Whether your artistry has been featured in the ‘Celebrity Spotlight’, or you’ve gained exposure through our ‘Indie Introductions’ segment, we value your art form and celebrate your hard work. Others of you may have taken the time to navigate our ‘Celebrity Photo Gallery’; sharpen your ‘Fitness Focus’; or you’ve decided to securely shop ‘Our Store’ (Fitness, Wellness, and Specialty products). Whatever your level of involvement – just know you’re part of the team! As part of what makes us unique, you’re encouraged to continue your path with us, so that you have a greater chance to realize your goals and dreams. Let’s say for instance you’re a freelance photographer, blogger, storyteller, media personality, nutrition expert or fitness buff, and you’re wondering if there’s still room on our team for you. The answer is yes! The fact that you have positive ideas that are important to you, is what matters. Why? Because you matter to us. We’re not just a magazine seeking notoriety or brand expansion; no, we’re a Community-of-One. We listen, teach, encourage and share, and we invite you to explore ways you can get the most out of each issue. So, if you’re looking to dig deeper and get stronger in your field of choice, let’s continue to work together to get you there!

It’s an exciting time for us, so that means it’s an exciting time for you! We’re preparing to transition into our 4th year of publication, and we invite everyone to join our ongoing conversation and cause for celebration (which is POSITIVITY). TZelement MAG has a commitment to each of you (and to the world), to be an example of what’s POSITIVELY POSSIBLE – through media offerings that help us blaze new trails with cutting-edge content, comprehensive resources, and inclusive information.

Just imagine: Trainer Z (Editor-In-Chief), is attending a black-tie award ceremony (for which TZelement MAG is nominated, 3x’s). The presenter announces the winner for each category (Premiere Positivity, International Inspiration, Benefaction in Business), and the recipient is none other than our fearless leader. As the 4ft-gold-plated-placard is wheeled into position near the podium, Trainer Z rises from his seat to the sound of roaring applause from supporters and peers. Yet, instead of rushing to the podium to retrieve the highly sought after award, he turns slowly to face the audience (his faithful Community-of-One). He takes a moment to absorb the honor bestowed upon him – by extending his arms outward in the direction of the crowd (note: the tips of his fingers are perfectly aimed at each section of the room, door-to-door, rafter-to-floor). In a swivel motion that creates a circle of gratitude, he allows the pointed gesture (aimed away from himself) to speak five words that become the new model for honor and humility. “And the WINNER is … YOU!”

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2018 Daytime and Primetime Emmy nominees; you’re all winners!

TZelement MAG - September 2018

TZelement MAG: TZelement MAG – September 2018

Our September 2018 printed and digital download magazine is now available for purchase. This magazine issue honors each and every one of you! We also present to you; 4 Indie Introductions (2 singers, 1 author, 1 actor) — Get to know these rising stars. Also; Make FIT Happen with Trainer Z!

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