Kristina Hone is an Australian born singer, songwriter, and executive music producer, who took to music at an early age. Growing up in Melbourne, she was exposed to music, and through music-infused experiences – she decided to take something enjoyable and turn it into something exceptional. Kristina trained to master classical and pop vocal techniques, to test vocal resiliency, and impart musical diversity. Having studied Voice, Music Performance and Theory – Kristina proved she could not only hold her own, but could also own the stage; however, it was not until after leaving school, that she was able to fully explore what she wanted her musical stylings to include. Feeling as if vocal training placed too strong an emphasis on technical perfection (at the expense of losing connection with the song), Kristina was motivated to break away and create her own sound. Vocal instructors continued to suggest her vocal offerings were best suited for opera (due to vocal stamina and range: Coloratura Soprano, 5-octaves and whistle register). With an inner confidence that encouraged Kristina to follow her dreams, it wasn’t long before she would fall in love with R&B/Soul music. As life began to show up, Kristina found herself enduring a period of social isolation (due to illness). From the timidity of solitude, emerged a confident woman who could sing and write songs that had her vibe. The natural gravitation toward R&B/Soul told her what no vocal coach could advise, and soon Kristina becomes the vein for music that speaks to the soul. Having finally found ‘her sound’, she was able to pour her heart into a genre that would offer the vocal identity that would grant creative expression and control. Today, when Kristina takes the stage – a sense of confidence moves in perfect step with her sense of grace. And when she delivers a song, there’s no mistaking the way her voice wraps itself around a note, that she was a star long before the world knew her name.

As a songwriter and executive producer, Kristina admits to being heavily involved in the recording process (exercising control over her music). She has independently released four singles (‘Release Me’, ‘Free’, ‘Free (remix)’ and ‘Bluebird’), and judging by the voice of this song bird, she feels the music as deeply as she delivers it. Kristina is currently promoting her latest song ‘Bluebird’, and with titles like ‘Release Me’ & ‘Free’, it’s evident she’s going places and she’s taking us along for the ride.

– Positivity Questions For Kristina –

TZelement MAG: What’s the 1 word you would use to describe yourself, and why?
Kristina: Untouchable. I am a strong person and have overcome a lot of challenges. Now, I’m focusing on my dream and moving closer to what I truly want out of life.

TZelement MAG: If you were granted the authority to change 3 things in the world, what would they be?
1. Equal pay
2. Poverty
3. Cruelty to animals

TZelement MAG: What positive message could you share with those struggling with low self-esteem and/or social acceptance?
Kristina: Keep pushing on and don’t let anyone ever persuade you from your dreams; no matter what people say or think, stay true to yourself.

To learn more about Kristina Hone, please visit: | Email: [email protected]
Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @iamkristinahone


*Professional Bio recreated by TJ Speaks

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