Water is the most critically required nutrient for health and for fitness!

Ever wonder whether you’re consuming enough water for optimal health? Well… chances are your body needs more water on some days than it does others. It’s probably safe to presume you’ve read and heard about the importance of drinking enough water on a daily basis; and it’s also safe to say – that what you have read is indeed true.

Water is important. But not only that—drinking enough to ensure adequate hydration for optimal health, is even more important.

Are you familiar with the term ‘Optimal Health’, and what it means for your body? Well, if not, you’re in the right place.

Here’s how it breaks down: Your body is comprised of about 60% water, which makes adequate hydration critical to your body’s ability to support, repair and sustain itself (throughout the course of each day). When your water-intake levels are optimized, it allows for proper functionality of bodily fluid processes (digestion, absorption, circulation, saliva creation, waste management, transportation of nutrients and regulation of body temperature). Simply put, without water, it’s hard for the body to absorb and transfer what it needs to function properly; and equally difficult to rid itself of non-contributory matter. Now, if you’re already consuming enough water for optimal health, that’s great, keep up the good work! But, if you’re not, there’s no time like the present to get started.

As you work toward achieving ‘optimal health’, stop for a moment to also consider whether you’re consuming enough water for optimal FITNESS. H2O serves as the catalyst for increased energy levels, that can cause preferred spikes in metabolism – which can help individuals lose weight and maintain a more muscular physique. And here’s another thing to consider: Without adequate hydration, you can neither gain nor maintain muscle tissue; so, in actuality, all roads to fitness have adequate ‘water consumption’ mapped into their destination.

Simply put—water is vital! It’s the most critically required nutrient for health and fitness there is.

But, the lingering question still remains: Exactly how much water does a person need (daily) for optimal health and fitness? As with most things in life, the answer is relative; Women and Men should consume between 2 – 4 quarts of water daily (yes quarts, not cups). But, don’t let these measurements intimidate you. It’s perfectly normal to try and figure out the best way to include these consumption levels into your busy lifestyle each day; so, here’s a good rule-of-thumb to follow as a guide: Let your individual active lifestyle be your determining guide. The more active you are (including changes in climate), the more water you will ideally need to consume. Yes—it really is that simple.

And if you’re ever uncertain about whether you’re optimally taking in enough water each day, just remind yourself—Don’t Think It, Just Drink It!


Fitness Disclaimer: The fitness content provided by Trainer Z and ‘the TZ element’ is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and is not to be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific course of action. Fitness is not without risks. It is strongly suggested that you consult a physician before performing any fitness exercises, or adhering to any fitness program or eating suggestions.

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