Greetings To All,

Fall is officially here, and along with it comes various traditional and cultural customs that summon our attendance, attention, and participation. However, parallel to the joy and celebration of seasonal events (shared by many) – we must also consider the feelings of emotional distress and desolation that exists as an unpleasant reality (for many others). As a worldwide publication, ‘people’ are the heart of what we do as a team; because, it’s who we are and it speaks to our efforts to create an inclusive culture for individuals (regardless of beliefs or circumstances). We’re connected to you through your ups and downs, and we want you to know – that if you do not have a traditional family (with whom you can share holiday festivities and traditions), it doesn’t mean that you are alone. Our team is right there with you! We celebrate you and the joys of life that prompt an offering of Thanks. We recognize the fact that gratitude and appreciation extend well beyond famed verbal expressions offered as a reward for deserving acts of compassion and mercy. And we marvel at the probability of how we could impact the world – if we used ‘Thank you’ as more than a wage for kindness. Think for a moment. What if we could imbue the world (one ‘Thank you’ at a time) in the spirit of sincerity—and do it just because!?!

This Thanksgiving, while we may be blessed to gather with our family and friends to enjoy celebratory fun, let’s do more than honor tradition. Let’s remember those near and far who may actually have no one – by offering thanks to those you come in contact with. While we might indeed be privileged to indulge in a veritable feast, let us not forget those near and far who actually have the least. As we hold to our own traditions, let’s do so with a feeling of THANKSGIVING toward our fellow man. We can do this by offering and spreading thanks wherever we are, and to whomever we meet. Here’s a thought: As you encounter people throughout the course of each day (perhaps even placing a friendly note on a parked car), offer more than the standard greeting (Hi/Hello, How are you?); instead, let’s make a lifestyle-change by saying Hi/Hello … and Thank you! And, if a person should ask why you’re thanking them, simply say: I’m thanking you for being you; for all the positive things that you might do.

As a worldwide media entity comprised of team members who believe in the power of one, we ban together to offer this collective expression of gratitude; and we do so with consideration, warmth and sincerity for who you are and the energy you possess that binds us together (offered in no specific order): Swahili – Asante, Italian – Grazie, Hawaiian – Mahalo, German – Danke, Thai – Khop Khun, Croatian – Hvala (Hvah-lah), Dutch – Dank u, Spanish – Gracias, Japanese – Arigato, French – Merci, Hebrew – Todah, Russian – Blagodaryu vas, Greek – Efcharistó, Korean – Gomabseubnida, Finnish – Kiitos, Cantonese – MM h’gōi, Armenian – Chnorakaloutioun, Tagalog – Salamat, Portuguese – Obrigado, Welsh – Diolch, Norwegian – Takk, Arabic – Shukran, Zulu – Ngiyabonga, English – Thank you.

God Bless Us all!

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