The 2018 Holiday Season has arrived, and we’ve decided to celebrate the Christmas Season with a twist! No, not a physical twist (although twisting, crunching and stretching are great ways to stay fit amid the festivities). This Christmas, we’ve decided to incorporate ‘Boxing Day Blessings’ as part of our gift-giving tradition. In fact, we’ve opted to go well beyond December 26th, and carry our efforts of kindness into the New Year. Now, you’re probably wondering … What on earth is ‘Boxing Day’, Why is it being celebrated; and more importantly – Why is the TZelement MAG so over-the-top about it? Well, Boxing Day, to put your mind at ease, is not what you think; we’re not engaging in fisticuffs, although the positive impact of the celebration can indeed strike a mighty blow! There are no weight divisions, pre-match qualifiers, commercial sponsors to appease, or titles to be won. And, here’s the best part: although Boxing Day was formed as an extension of the Christmas-giving tradition, it embodies a level of compassion that pushes us past the commercialization of this occasion (by pulling us into a frame of mind – that can change the way we see the world, ourselves, and each other).

This feel-good Holiday originated in the United Kingdom during the mid-19th-Century; it’s currently celebrated by some of the U.K.’s Commonwealth Nations (as a symbol of gratitude and unity). Despite its name, the origin of Boxing Day (celebrated on December 26th ), has absolutely nothing to do with contact-sport competition, although sport enthusiasts are creating a growing trend for attending sporting events to commemorate the occasion. Some historians say this holiday was developed as a way for servants and tradespeople to receive a note of gratitude for their work (after working Christmas Day). As servants would prepare to leave their employer’s home to visit their own families, they were offered a gift box: simple in presentation, it held a deeper meaning as a way of letting a person know: You have value, and I appreciate all you do.

For the 2018 Holiday Season, our team is taking this tradition of gratitude one step further, by extending kindness and expressions of appreciation to each of you (on Christmas Day, the day after … and throughout the New Year). Yes, we plan to trim the tree, shop, feast, carol and of course reflect. As we celebrate, we take pride in including each of you. WHY? Because we simply can’t express this one sentiment enough: YOU MATTER!

Often times, we find ourselves in need of an added push or perhaps an additional boost of confidence as we undertake a new task (particularly with an uphill challenge). As supporters, you give us an added push each day, and for this we are grateful. They say one good turn deserves another; so, allow us to show you that we are also ‘behind’ and ‘beside’ you (cheering you on to victory as you reach your goals), and we’re trusting you’ll share these supportive vibes with others. The best determination of character is what a person does when no one is watching: and the best indication of interest is effort. With this in mind, let’s make a difference this holiday season (with efforts not fueled by expectation, but woven in love). Let’s make certain the people we come in contact with can ‘feel’ our sincerity and our willingness to show up for them, especially when it matters most. Just as Christ gave His all for us, we’re tasked to pour our best efforts into our fellow man (for he is our brother). Right now, in your outer and inner circles – there is someone who may not feel connected to their path—or positivity just seems to miss them altogether; and you could very well become part of the circle-of-influence that keeps them from reaching their wits end. Instead of just shopping to show how much we care, let’s use our God-given talent and abilities to provide a safe place for others to land. During this holiday season, and in the days, weeks and months to come, let’s give our time and effort to people who are in need of it. Boxing Day is more than a holiday that follows Christmas; it’s ultimately a celebration honoring the greatest giver to ever walk among us. Christ. By taking a moment to stop, look, listen, share and pray ‘for’ and ‘with’ people in need, we pay respect to the central tenet of our Lord – to shine our light in such a way that it helps to light the path for others. (Matthew 25:40 … “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters (of mine), you did to me.”)

Seasons Greetings and Boxing Day Blessings To ALL!