Addiction looks and feels very different to each person it affects, and no one understands this better than the woman who dared to believe that recovery was possible and achievable (regardless of the action or substance). She’s a Guest Speaker, an award-winning writer and actress: 3x International Film Festival winner, Female Action Performer of the Year, Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film, Best Faith-Based Script Writer, Best New Writer (1st Runner-up) for her original screenplay – “Chained & Bound,” and the list could respectfully go on—and on. As the founder of ‘Breaking the Chains Foundation’, she’s a leader who boasts a sense of artistic tszuj – matched only by a natural passion for helping others. She’s the heart and soul of what drives BTCF to meet people where they are in order to spawn the internal process of recovery and healing, prevention, and intervention, and ending stigma of eating disorders, disordered eating, and negative body image, while enriching overall wellness by using art as a forum. She’s a star by all measures and standards, and her name is Debra Hopkins.

With an artistic background that includes dancing, acting, writing, producing and health/fitness – Debra has amassed a list of performance credits that serve as a touchstone for artistic brilliance. However talented in the art of show, she fell in love with fitness, and began a journey of wellness that not only felt ‘right‘, but also made her feel ALIVE! As her love for people swelled to philanthropic proportions, Debra worked to honor her performance craft by creating a safe-haven for people struggling with food addiction; and she did it in the most unconventional way one could imagine. Through artistic expression, she gives those seeking recovery the chance to be expressive and different (because she understands no two journeys are alike). Breaking the Chains Foundation (BTCF), a unified global non-profit foundation uses the artistic process to unmask the stigma of individuals affected by eating disorders. BTCF celebrates the inner beauty and self-love in every person affected by eating disorders. Their objective is to break the silence, the stigma and the loneliness that traps and isolates millions of people with eating disorders and millions more with disordered eating and negative body image; we do this by using art as a forum through curative genres, such as: film, painting, poetry, music, and dance (to inspire the global community to use art as an outlet for the darkness that lies dormant). One by one, hand in hand, Debra and her team of go-getters work to champion the rediscovery of self-love, self-acceptance, and respect through a mode of expression that breeds familiarity. Yes—good old fashion ART! BTCF is able to generate larger impact, create global neighborhoods of healing, recovery, and enriched communication with the support of many celebrities. The focus is placed on the need to out-perform negativity with escape from the limits of captivity. Now, this probably sounds too good or too different to be true; but, it’s real. Debra has created a long-overdue deviation from medically managed remedies, that speaks to both the mission and solution in equal parts (to prove effective in changing the conversation to allow for dialog and healing).

As Debra promotes recovery and incorporates wellness-initiatives that encourage others to enjoy a zest for life, we take this time to reassure her that no act of kindness was ever too small, nor any dream too big. Debra is a leader (both strong and certain). She is a person who takes part in the solution, and for that, we offer this salute. The BTCF has proven itself successful through a global platform for change, and continues to support the journey-of-healing (trekked daily by countless individuals from around the world). Make no mistake, Debra Hopkins is a creative thinker, innovator, and noise-maker with a vision for progress that makes the restoration of ‘self’ all the more sweet. As Debra leads the continued march to break the chains of addiction (one link at a time), it is the hope of the TZelement MAG – that the mission of BTCF manifests itself as a tool to promote power and encourage healing. As Debra Hopkins continues to do her part to make the world a better place – may we all be inclined to embrace this star’s passion for life and her legacy that R-O-C-K-S!

“In an effort to shift our culture towards one that supports our endeavor, we raise awareness about challenges and opportunities, advocate for prevention and recovery services, and work to de-stigmatize eating disorders. In an effort to support people in their individual pursuit of mental health or recovery from an eating disorder, we offer creative workshops, seminars, performances, events, information, and resources.”

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