Happy—Happy New Year! With the celebration of such an electric Christmas Season (still lingering in the air), it is my wish that you have enjoyed memorable Holiday events that you now treasure; events that made saying goodbye to 2018 a compliment to your growth. Today, as we ring in the new year, I am excited to keep the pages of progress turning with a salute to our 4th year of POSITIVITY!” As we kick off this milestone celebration, we present you with an exclusive Spotlight Interview with Debra Hopkins (Founder and President of ‘Breaking the Chains Foundation’ – BTCF), and we trust that her personal journey will offer a confirmation that hope does indeed float. You can check out Debra’s enlightening interview (visit the BTCF website), and learn about her endearing passion for changing (and restoring) lives… one link at a time.

In this January issue, you will also learn there is nothing more inspirational than your thoughts (because every favorable action begins with cognitive calm); that’s right, just you and your ideas. Like, really… how personal and powerful is that?!? Our thoughts can often serve as the primary tool that turns ideas into bold realities (so, I want you to stop each day and just ‘think’). Now, being mindful of the fact that we’re all at different levels of our development, I want you to know that you are right where you’re supposed to be! As you continue your journey to greatness, I trust you’ll continue to support our efforts to fuel your climb. Whether it be telling your family and friends about the impact we’re making (at home and abroad), purchasing copies of our magazine, or even shopping our online store; our goal is to keep the POSITIVITY flowing and growing in 2019, by
keeping readers like you in the know.

Right now, you have a front-row seat to incredible reader take-a-ways, celebrity news, interviews, tools, tips and celebrations (and our venue is set to get bigger and stronger). In this issue, we’re celebrating the happiness of the New Year and the growth that comes with it—but that’s not all! We’re celebrating YOU!

As a team, the TZelement MAG shares the inherent task of bringing you warm vibes; so, prepare to brace yourself as we elevate… because, in the coming months we’ll be turning up the dial!

Once again; Happy New Year!!!