Here it is “2019” – time once again to go hard, dig deep, step-it-up and put-it-down! But, hold on—not so fast! This all sounds good and grand, but what does it really mean (and what does it take) to put our best foot forward? Change. Discipline. Improvement. Extraction. Perhaps it requires strategy and planning. Generally, a New Year’s celebration finds each of us looking inward. We think about what we wish to see happening in our lives (that has yet to manifest itself); then, we celebrate our chance for a fresh start with a promise to begin something new, or give up something old (often with no real plan in sight; and so, it remains a dream). The good news is – a dream that expresses our desire for something more… something new or something better can become more than just a dream. When we look in the mirror, we even tell ourselves… “Alright now, it’s time to wipe the slate clean… NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!” And that’s perfectly fine to do, as long as we attach who we are to what we’re willing to do – in order to accomplish our goals. If we dare to hit the reset button, we must be brave enough and willing enough to make the commitment to act. Yes, there’s work involved, but there’s also a reward to be gained! If we wish to truly celebrate new beginnings each year, we must be willing to mesh prowess and newness in such a way that we achieve a desired outcome.

Over the years ‘Trainer Z’ – has reminded us that in order to achieve our goals (whether related to fitness or otherwise), we must first seek MOTIVATION! This means we must accept the fact that we are required to have a Motivated-Mindset that allows for change. Motivation is one of the main things we can all use a bit more of. But, in order to truly grasp the notion of motivating ourselves into action, we must realize motivation is not continual. To the contrary, motivation ebbs and flows as does life in general; however, if we ride the wave through swells, challenges and breaks, we can achieve any goal we set for ourselves. Whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature – the TZelement MAG would like to share a few tips to help you gain MOTIVATION for achieving what you want most this year. READY? … LET’S GO!

1. Get Clear
Whatever you resolve to do, get clear about why it matters and the personal price you’re willing to pay if you delay pursuit of it. If your resolutions/goals don’t come with a sense of intensity (or longing to get started), you’ll more than likely find yourself hard-pressed to maintain your resolve when the first sign of temptation entices you to ditch it. When the going gets tough, remember: you owe it to yourself to get clear and keep pushing!

2. Own The Pay-Off For NOT Changing (NO RISK, NO REWARD)
Let’s be real clear about this—change is difficult for most of \us! There is no getting around this one; even ‘change’ for the better requires some level of adjustment. If change were easy, everyone would be changing the aspects of their relationships, finances, jobs, and health that pull them down day after day, year after year. The reason change is so cumbersome, is because we fear what we have to give up as payoff for what we want. Here’s what we mean: doing something new is harder than sticking with the status quo, and that’s enough to halt the wheels of change for most of us. When we’re asked to give up a sense of familiarity (disguised as security), we tend to avoid the road less-traveled. We also say goodbye to convenience when we co-sign for change; and that’s not an easy thing for some of us, right? It requires us to detach ourselves from the emotional and mental complacency we feel (and if we’re being entirely real, it’s scary because this makes us look different to the world). The most attractive aspect of our refusal to change, is the lack of RISK involved. If we are not proponents for change, we risk absolutely nothing; but even worse, we gain no self-esteem for trying.

So, how do we get over the fear of change: simply ask yourself this one question: “Is what I’m getting from the choice – worth what I’m giving up to have it?” Whatever you do, keep in mind the cost of inaction, and ask yourself … “Is it worth it NOT to do anything?” Delay is one of those things that grows increasingly more expensive every single day; so, if you can’t afford to wait—DON’T!

3. Narrow Your Focus
Aiming high is great, but be sure to set yourself up for success by focusing on one major goal at a time, instead of twenty-one goals. Remember, distraction is a natural goal killer (try going a few weeks without social media, the result may just surprise you). To help prevent distraction and feeling overwhelmed, start with ideas for major undertakings – then break them down into small do-able steps. Take small steps, strong start and maintain a keen sense of focus! See what a little perspective can do, you’re almost there!

4. Don’t Go It Alone (Take The Help)
Change is hard, but it doesn’t have to be – if you’re willing to ask for help. Surrounding yourself with people who believe in your ability to succeed (and are 100% behind you), can make all the difference. Create an environment of accountability that makes it hard for you NOT to do what you’re committed to achieving. A couple of things you can try.

  • Making a public pledge. Let people know what you’re up to, and enlist their support to hold you accountable.
  • Joining a group that works toward similar goals; hire a coach or engage a trainer (and pay for 6 months upfront, instead of taking the safe month-to-month route).

Also, never underestimate the power of your social circle/environment to offer support (or in some cases sabotage your plans). Knowing your circle is important!. If there are people (or environmental triggers) in your life that pull you down or off track, address them directly, set clear boundaries and
avoid them entirely.

5. Set Realistic and Measurable Goals
It’s all well and good to want to eat better, improve your fitness regimen, or create a better work/life balance; but, sometimes it’s best to start small. Although adding an apple a day to your diet may not put you in the same fitness forum as ‘Trainer-Z’, it will at least give you a realistic and measurable start on which to build a healthier lifestyle. Here are some examples of keeping things realistic and measureable:

  • If you want to build a more intimate relationship with your partner, schedule at least one date night per month (that works for your schedule).
  • If you want to become more fit, ride your bike (or walk), instead of driving your car.
  • If you want more balance, decide exactly what needs to be added ‘to’ or subtracted ‘from’ your life, in order to level work/life scales that affect the way you live.

6. Expect Setbacks (Fall Down, Get Up)
While it’s easy to get caught up in your initial wave of enthusiasm, it’s just as easy to come crashing down when your initial efforts don’t produce immediate and impressive results. Success wouldn’t be meaningful if it’s acquired with absolute ease. One may think a problem-free rise is preferred; but, there is no real appreciation when success lands right square in your lap. In fact, rolling up your sleeves and applying grit in the face of a setback, is what makes success more meaningful. What matters most isn’t that everything goes exactly as planned, it’s what you do when it doesn’t, and how you get back up! Your disappointments, bad days, failures, and setbacks don’t define you; but, how you respond to them will. To prepare for the eventual setback when you fall down, simply plan to get back up!

7. Invest in Your Best, Daily
Believe it or not, even our team here at the ‘TZelement MAG’, takes a break every now and then. No one is on-fire every single moment of every single day! C’mon, it’s just not the natural order for the human condition to feel endlessly passionate, purposeful and super-pumped about making changes or achieving big goals 24/7 – 365. We’re not robots or machines; we’re emotive beings – who stumble, get back up, succeed and surpass. When times get tough, we speak victory over ourselves (or at least we should), and we press on. Don’t worry about being perfect. Be human. Trust you are worthy of the best life has to offer. Here’s how to bring it out; ask yourself – who are you when you’re at your best (you know the times when you bring your A-A-game)? Then, ask yourself, what do you need to do for yourself – daily, weekly, regularly, in order to be that certain more often?

  • Physically: strong and energetic with plenty of stamina.
  • Emotionally: confident, optimistic and resilient.
  • Mentally: focused and clear on top priorities.
  • Spiritually: centered and attuned to your highest purpose on this earth.

There you have it, the step-by-step 411 on how to achieve and maintain your “2019 – New Year, New You” perspective. If you’re wondering whether you’re brave enough, strong enough or ready enough to go after your dreams, the answer is ‘yes’; but, only if you’re bold enough and certain enough to believe.