It’s WINTER and it’s Cold Cold Cold here on the East Coast (Lol … The BEAST Coast), but TZelement MAG is keeping things Hot Hot Hot!!! For this month of February, we’re giving you an added dose of motivation with our ‘Cover Guy’ – Brandon Kent. He’s an emerging dance talent who’s on fiyahhh to ‘Shake Things Up’ spiritually (through dance ministry), with moves that scream POSITIVITY. You can check out Brandon‘s inspirational interview, dance style, and learn what drives this young man to honor such a magnificent mission.

It’s still indeed a brand new New Year, and it’s up to you to stay motivated and Make NEW Happen if newness is what you truly want. Our team has fresh content designed to inform, encourage and inspire; so, if you’re looking for the best ways to stay motivated, stay tuned to TZelement MAG. We’re your connection to motivation; so, if you’re ready for newness … LET’S DO THIS!

And no, I haven’t forgotten … I’m wishing a HAPPY HAPPY Valentines Day for you all!!!