Welcome to the March issue of TZelement MAG! As the old saying goes … “We’re coming like a lion and leaving like a lamb,” and we’re carrying the flags of Good Health, Fitness and Nutrition with us. March 2019, has a powerful theme for National Nutrition Month; one that asks a rather introspective question “Are You Ready?” Well, I trust that you are, so what are we waiting for… Let’s Go!

To kick things off for this nutrition-conscious month, it is our pleasure to present Dr. Lori Shemek (Author, Speaker, Health Expert), as our Cover Girl for March 2019. We invite you to get to know ‘Dr. Lori’ through our spotlight interview on wellness, physical fitness and nutrition. Join us for this health-wise discussion, as she dispels a few myths to promote awareness and improve our quality of life.

Also, in this month’s issue we’re racing down the court and soaring high above the rim, to get you amp’d up for March Madness! Yes, we’ve got you covered with NCAA teams, match-ups, coverage and of course the hype. So, for all of you basketball fans out there—this one’s for you!

And, we’re supercharging this issue with a focus on Film, Apps, and Products that are both current and cool to use.

As TZelement MAG continues to bring you the POSITIVITY, we encourage you to keep a positive mindset for the growth that happens to you and through you. So, put those fears aside, and go for it!

March Trivia
March 4, 1933 – Newly elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office and delivered his first inaugural address, attempting to restore public confidence during the Great Depression, stating, “Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself…”
Ready… Set… MARCH!