Welcome everyone to the now, bi-monthly publication of TZelement MAG! We’re changing things up a bit but we are still delivering the POSITIVITY to you … online and in print.

To start this issue off on a special holiday note, I want to wish a Happy Mothers Day and Gods continuous Blessings to all of the wonderful mothers in the world!!! The love, the nurturing, the teaching, and the sacrifice that go with the role of being a mother are truly priceless and beyond measure.

This month, we are proud to present Stephanie Millward (Gold Medal Winning Paralympic Swimmer) as our Cover Girl for this May/June 2019 magazine issue. Get to know Stephanie and her triumphant journey through life and sport in this inspiring spotlight interview.

As TZelement MAG continues to bring you POSITIVE NEWS ONLY, we encourage you to be a positive influence to those you encounter and interact with.

ZeZor DeForce a.k.a Trainer Z