An innovative augmented reality health app designed to empower young people to take control of their health through fun, interactive characters, and challenges.

COLOR, Learn, and Discover fun characters that come to life in your exciting augmented reality quest for health!

Use various colors, shades, and pencil sizes to color the character however you’d like – inside or outside the lines! Place your character on any nearby surface to see your completed character. Each AR experience comes with an important fun fact about your character, too.

All AR experiences can also be saved as a photo or video to be shared later with friends and family on social media.

Color Quest: An ARt Adventure is available in the Apple Store and Google Play. For more information about Color Quest: An ARt Adventure
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Stayhealthy, Inc. has announced an innovative new health app designed for children called Color Quest™: An ARt Adventure. The first-of-its-kind mobile app developed for children and powered by patent pending augmented reality technology has been designed to make health and nutrition fun to experience and explore. Stayhealthy, Inc. is focused on the epidemic of excess fat affecting children, teenagers, and adults. The company believes that educating children about their bodies and a healthy lifestyle from an early age will help reduce the incidence of excess body fat for everyone throughout their lives.

The smartphone app (now available on Android and iOS)) enables a child to color entertaining, animated characters of fruits, vegetables, and bodily organs such as oranges, carrots, and hearts. In a truly innovative approach, these characters (once colored in) are then activated using augmented reality technology (AR). For example, a child can color a dancing heart which will lead to a visual prompt about how the heart actually works. That character can be placed in a real-world environment anywhere the child chooses. When the character comes to life in the actual colors used by the child, it creates an engaging experience not offered by any other app on the market. The company based its development on research which shows that coloring reduces stress while engrossing children (and parents) in a magical, educational activity.

Just as important as providing a fun and engaging experience is the fact that when the image comes to life, health facts are presented.

Once kids have explored one of the major organs of the body, they can color various healthy foods which also come to life in 3D through AR along with pertinent health facts. The initially created characters will be followed by the kind of unhealthy foods and drinks that are contributing to the current epidemic.

The entire experience is designed to draw a child’s interest through interactivity. Color Quest also includes quizzes where questions tied to health tips are asked directly. Once users pass the quiz, they are awarded different badges as they pass each activity level. Color Quest also provides the opportunity for kids to capture, save, share or email their creations. A dancing heart, a moonwalking peach, and a bouncing banana are only some of the cool characters to be initially released.