The Cold Pack That Sticks and Stays for Targeted Cold Therapy

“PAINCAKES are a greatly convenient fitness and wellness product that’s beneficially COOL!!!”

Trainer Z (2019)

Some Positive Product Pointers for Choosing PAINCAKES ®:

  • Chill, Stick & Go! – revolutionary peel & stick technology keeps your “recovery” exactly where you need it.
  • Strap & Hands-Free Recovery – proprietary adhesion-Gel allows Paincakes® to re-stick or re-position up to 100x
  • Apply Anywhere – Paincakes® hover right above the skin to surround the injured area with cooling waves of relief
  • Slim Design – allows you to wear our stickable cold packs directly under your clothing
  • Latex & Silicone Free Design – will not leave residue, pull hair, or skin

Chill, Stick & Go! PainCakes® come in a variety of shapes & sizes to fit your neck, shoulders, elbow, back, knees and more!

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