Angel Orsini is an American professional wrestler, mixed martial artist, bodybuilder, and actress who began her professional fighting and wrestling career in 1996 after a lifetime of various competitive sports, martial arts and bodybuilding.

Angel’s first professional MMA fight was in Japan, which was an amazing experience and excellent training opportunity for her, and upon her return home, she started training with Liz Chase in Palm Beach in pro-wrestling where she met Chyna and had her first pro-wrestling match against her.

As Angel continued to bodybuild, pro-wrestle and do martial arts until 1999 she then started to focus on ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling). Shortly thereafter, she was hired as “the Prodigette” and went to the next level in hardcore style wrestling which she later became known for in all female federations.

Currently, Angel is pursuing creative ventures in film as an actress, writer, and director, and has formed a film company “Killers Club Productions” with international award winning filmmaker Christopher Annino. So far they have produced several films such as  “Lolipop Gang,” “Silent Times,” Village Idiots of Dudleytown, Killer Bees Society, Circle of Champions: The history of women’s pro wrestling, and The Village idiots of dudleytown. Several of these films in which have won international awards.

Here is our ‘Celebrity Fitness Interview’ with Angel Orsini

Trainer Z: Hello and thank you, Angel, for taking time out to share some of your positivity with TZelement MAG and our readers. Please tell us, what’s the one word you would use to define yourself, and why?

Angel: I would say that I am a CHAMPION. I’ve been a world champion wrestler 13 times professionally, I have set every goal I set for myself and I’m a CHAMPION for others not just myself. I encourage and coach my friends, family and everyone I interact with in life…

Trainer Z: If you had the authority to change 3 things in the world, what would they be?


  1. I would end hate in all its forms (racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, slavery, and exploitation).
  2. Animal cruelty in all its forms (factory farming, poaching, trophy hunting).
  3. Climate change.

Trainer Z: What positive message could you share with someone who’s struggling with low self-esteem and/or social acceptance?

Angel: The truth is that everyone is exceptionally beautiful, very important and immeasurably valuable but we have to recognize that for ourselves before we can apply that others. I recommend that people spend time in meditation to find their beauty and value which is far more than how we look in the mirror for the truly best part of us is unseen. It is our character and essence which can be developed and changed. That will affect how people view us because it is from this place that in us where we chose our words and actions. If we are kind, generous, loving and encouraging people will see us as truly beautiful people.

Trainer Z: What are some professional career accomplishments you are most proud of?

Angel: My MMA fight in 1999 in Dallas, Texas was the first-ever women’s professional MMA fight in the state. In 1999, I was invited to participate in the Transatlantic Championships hosted by NWA-UK and those matches were the first women’s wrestling matches televised in England. When I began pro-wrestling for ACW (Teddy Long’s company)also in 1999, I was wrestling men and those were the first mixed wrestling matches in Georgia. We did them in the hardcore style. In 2004, I wrestled men in Europe and worked my way to become the Light Heavyweight champion for the Dutch organization which was another first.

Trainer Z: What adversities within your professional career did you have to overcome?

Angel: The pro-wrestling industry is a pretty hostile work environment but there’s no legal recourse because it’s not unionized and you’re hired as an independent contractor. So you constantly run into those situations. The other adversities were the injuries I suffered from the car accident and I had shattered my calcaneus in a ladder match in 2005 which sidelined me for 9 months.

Trainer Z: At what age did fitness become an important aspect of your life?

Angel: I was always into fitness! I started gymnastics, track & field, and softball at age 7. I started weight training at 14 and always enjoyed it. I believe it’s key to fighting aging, maintaining good health and overall well-being.

Trainer Z: What specific fitness goal are you currently focused on?

Angel: Flexibility, definition, endurance, and stamina. My training goals revolve around my martial arts goals. Currently and over the past 4 years, I’ve been studying the sword. Now I’m studying fighting with 2 swords and I have really found myself there. Once I’m done studying Japanese style katana swords, I’d be interested to study the Chinese broad sword.

Trainer Z: Share with us some specific details about your current workout routine. What types of exercise, how many days per week do you exercise, and how long are your workout sessions?

Angel: Unfortunately, at this time my workouts are only 20-30 minutes because I’m so busy but you must create the time and maintain that discipline to do it. At this point in my life, I really don’t need much because my base is solid. I just do compound exercises that work multiple muscles to be an effective use of the little time I have.

Trainer Z: So tell us, is your push-up and pull-up game, tight?

Angel: I love pull-ups, I think they’re the best exercise but push-ups not as much because I have shoulder issues from dislocations that occurred during my pro-wrestling career.

Trainer Z: I often tell people that fitness dedication starts with motivation. Who or what motivates you to workout?

Angel: In life, you have to challenge yourself. I have the goal to be better than I was the day before and that’s very motivational. I believe you achieve goals through dedication, determination, and discipline. The truth is, you do what you truly want in your heart to do if you really want something you’ll go to any length to achieve it because it’s work.

Trainer Z: What genres of music or current songs do you listen to while you’re working out?

Angel: Heavy metal it puts me in a warfare frame of mind and helps me dig deep.

Trainer Z: What foods do you generally consume within your typical fitness day?

Angel: My diet is a lifestyle. In 1996 when I weighed in for my first pro-fight in Japan, I weighed 142 lbs. In 1999, I weighed in the South Florida Bodybuilding Championships at 142 lbs. Today, I weigh 142 lbs.

My regular diet consists of lots of vegetables, melons, fish, cruelty-free eggs and nuts. I drink plenty of water, coffee once per day and kombucha once daily. I abstain from refined sugars, processed foods, dairy, animal protein, and fast foods. I’m also gluten-free and corn-free because they make me incredibly sick and I think it’s because wheat and corn are so heavily modified my body cannot process it.

Trainer Z: What body part is your favorite to work on?

Angel: Arms because I see the immediate results and sometimes instant gratification is rewarding.

Trainer Z: What body part is your least favorite to work on?

Angel: Legs because it’s a little more boring for me, it’s been a lifetime of training legs since 14 but it’s a necessity.

Personality and Lifestyle Questions for Angel

The questions and answers listed below will give us an insightful glimpse into Angel’s personality and lifestyle. How well can you relate to her?

  • Christmas or Thanksgiving?
  • Cats or Dogs?
  • Lions or Tigers?
  • Camping Out or Hotels with Room Service?
    Camping out
  • Indoor Rock/Wall Climbing or Indoor Skydiving?
    Indoor Rock/Wall Climbing.
  • Elliptical or Treadmill?
  • Paintings or Sculptures?
  • Coloring Book or Canvas Painting?
    Canvas Painting.
  • Crossword Puzzles or Jigsaw Puzzles?
  • Board Games or Card Games?
    Card Games.
  • Checkers or Chess?
  • Jogging or Swimming?
  • Nature Hikes or Skiing?
    I do both.
  • Jet Skiing or Snowmobiling?
    I do both,
  • Laser Tag or Paintball?
  • Golf Course or Miniature Golf?
  • Bowling or Shooting Pool?
  • Merry-Go-Rounds or Roller Coasters?
    Roller Coasters.
  • Bumper Cars or Pedal Boats?
    Bumper Cars.
  • Candle Light Dinners or Picnics?
  • Pizza or Tacos?
    Neither … Sushi.
  • Coffee or Tea?
  • Cherries or Grapes?
  • Cold Cereal or Hot Cereal?
  • Pancakes or French Toast?
    Gluten-free, both.

Trainer Z: As we bring this interview to a close, are there any future events and/or projects you have coming up that we should be on the lookout for?

Angel: Blood Mixed should be coming out on Netflix towards the end of the year. It’s my first role in a feature film which was work but fun work. I’m a villain named Mama and I have a crew that battles the lead character. I have a really good fight scene that I’m proud of for my first attempt.

Trainer Z: Angel, thank you for sharing with us and motivating us, we wish you much ongoing success with your projects. How can individuals, businesses, and organizations contact and/or connect with you via website, email, and/or social media?


  • My personal website is being created now and should be launched December 2019 or January 2020 it is:
  • People can follow me on Twitter: @TheAngelOrsini and Facebook fan page is: The Angel Orsini.
  • Professional inquiries can email:

Angel: Thank you so much for allowing me to connect with your fans and mine. Many blessings to Everyone!