More than ever, during this unimaginable phase of life, you need to keep yourself routinely active for your mental (emotional and psychological) and physical health.

If being in quarantine has you feeling down and secluded, if you are realizing that you are eating much more food than usual, if your gym is still closed but the weather is favorable, then rise up and make FIT happen!

Your neighborhood can be your playground, and the myriad of fun and beneficial exercises are almost limitless. Exercising outside offers you variety and fresh air – and it’s free.

So go ahead and get it outside and work it out outside while of course keeping a safe social distance.

Here Are A Few Outdoor Fitness Tips And Suggestions

  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • Wear the appropriate footwear
  • Bring an adequate amount of drinking water
  • Take in a scenic nature walk or hike
  • Roll out the bicycle and pedal, pedal, pedal
  • Grab some light dumbbells and get in a brisk Power Walk in conjunction with you performing some bicep, tricep, and shoulder exercises
  • Perform some random Lunges and/or Side Gallops while you’re out walking
  • Find an appropriate patch of grass and get in those AB exercises and Push-ups
  • Get creative with some upper and lower body exercises when you encounter some stairs (Toe Taps) or a park bench (Tricep Dips)

Outdoor exercise can be both beneficial and enjoyable as long as you are being safe, responsible and prepared.