Uplifting Story Seeks to Teach Children The Valuable Message of Unity

June, 2020 (Long Island, NY) – Mother, 3rd grade teacher and author/musician Tara Drouin is spreading a message of unity through diversity with her book and accompanying song, entitled “One Heart”.

One Heart explores the reality of our differences – whether they be differences in eye color, skin color or hair color – inside, we all have One Heart! As the proud mother of a 9 year old bi-racial daughter, Tara believes that this message needs to be shared with children at a young age, especially in these uncertain times.

“In light of everything that has happened with race relations in America; most recently with George Floyd and in other similar situations over the years that are too numerous to mention, I feel a responsibility as a mom, a teacher and a musician to speak out against this systemic racism. We need to change the narrative for our future. We cannot change the past but we must change our future. Our children need to be taught that acceptance, kindness, unity and love are all important to making this work. Our lives are all intertwined. We all can live on this planet together in harmony. Like it says in One Heart, “When voices come together there’s nothing better! Inside everybody’s got One Heart!” I do believe we are all alike more than we are different. So let’s finally find a way to come together in lasting peace and unity”.

One Heart is about unity and acceptance. The book/song aims to educate students on the diversity that they see in the classroom.

 “We may not all look the same, our skin might be a different shade, but inside everybody’s got One Heart!” 

These lyrics describe how we are more alike than different. That when we work together, love each other, and show kindness and respect for one another, is when we as a society succeed.

“If you want to make things happen, you want to live in a better world, recreate the love and unity, look inside and find out who you are!” 

One Heart is an anthem to bring about change, starting with our children, but in our entire society. It’s theme and message is universal; that we are one race, the human race. 

“When our voices come together there’s nothing better.” Through acceptance, kindness, and love – we will be able to rise above racism.

One Heart is meant to bring people together. We need unity and solidarity to be the glue, and music to be the healing potion that helps to take us to lasting equality and peace. – Tara Drouin