Connie Stoltz-McDonald is an Integrative Nutrition- Certified Health Coach, CPT, Wellness Educator, Lifestyle Expert, Blogger, Author, Clean Recipe Master and Plant-Based Chef, whose passion for living a healthy lifestyle has become her mission through helping others achieve a balanced life.

From her passion for writing, she is excited to announce her first book release titled “Healthy Lifestyle- The inside secrets to transforming your body and health”. If you’d like to get a copy, you can order it directly at

After earning her certification in Hormone Health, Children’s Nutrition, Youth Fitness, Sports Nutrition, Lifestyle and Weight Management, Connie continued her wellness education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied over 100 dietary theories with the world’s leading nutrition and holistic heal experts. From her success, Connie continues to spread the IIN ripple effect through the IIN Ambassador program, helping students grow and find their path to wellness while achieving their dreams.

Connie went on to achieve her culinary education and training through Andrea Beaman, Smart Majority, and Shaw Academy where she earned her plant-based chef and holistic remedies cooking certifications.

She then went on to pursue her fitness education through American Sports & Fitness Association achieving her Certified Personal Training endorsement along with certifications in Youth Fitness Training, Group Fitness, Sports Nutrition, and Yoga.

In 2014, Connie launched Lifestyle Health Mentor, her health coaching practice that offers group, one on one life and health coaching, wellness, maintenance and monthly programs to lead a vibrant lifestyle through learning natural cooking techniques along with healthier choices through grocery store tours. She saw the future of food allergies increasing and decided to partner up with Genetic Direction, LLC, and KBMO Diagnostics Team to have optional genetic and allergy testing as part of her services.

As Lifestyle Health Mentor grew, so did Connie’s desire to help empower children to make healthier choices. From her passion, she volunteered her time through various American Heart Association programs to teach children on good nutrition by making fruits and veggies fun and creative. From her inspiration at AHA, Connie received her AED and CPR certifications to achieve her advanced medical training.

Connie is a member of the National Practitioner Magazine, Holistic Practitioners, IAHC, TSMIHFP, AFS, ASFA, NTA, IWA, MFN, WTJ, Nesta, PFPG, FAI, AMA, ANA, Twin Cities Wellness Collective, COEAP, IIN Ambassador, The Health Coach Group AP, AHA, AHA Garden Community & AFib support, Consumer Health Digest, Urgent Way Medical, Joint Health Magazine, Finetix Magazine,  and IDEA.

Connie lives in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota with her husband Bill. When she’s not writing, coaching, teaching or cooking, you can find her traveling the world, working out in her home gym, running marathons, or hiking.

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